Love in the Balance – Mars Retrograde in Libra

Love in the Balance - Mars Retrograde in Libra
Love in the Balance – Mars Retrograde in Libra

by Isaac George

Mars in Libra Retrograde begins this coming Saturday, March 1st at 4:23pm GMT. The planet of action and masculine sexuality isn’t exactly comfortable in the sign of Libra, which is not only ruled by Venus, but is the sign of relating to others with an eye to keeping the peace through balance and compromise. Mars rules Libra’s opposite, Aries, which is identified with independent action, and a very strong survival instinct. Taking action is Mars’ forte, and he lives in the battlefield, relying on his wits and warrior skills. “It’s me or the other guy”, and Mars means to be the last man or woman standing.

Venus is more inclined towards comfortable surroundings and love, and does not like conflict or confrontation at all. Libra prefers to live through, and for, the mystical ‘Other’.  Since Libra is Cardinal Air, this mystical ‘Other’ embodies the spiritual longing for union with the Divine. Idealized forms of human longing for this mystical merging can also be transferred onto so many different icons – the perfect soul mate, or ‘twin soul/twin flame’ phenomena that have gained so much momentum over the past two or three decades is one example.  Cheap and trashy romance novels are another style.  I’m not trying to discount these themes, for the idealization of romantic and courtly love that first found its expression in the Middle Ages was a rebellion against the strict sexual apartheid of the Catholic Church. These images and feelings permeated human consciousness at that time, and I strongly feel it helped fire up enough energy to help bring in the Renaissance. Unfortunately so much of that pristine and playful energy has been watered down and sterilized into syrupy greeting cards and insipid little cupids.

In archetypal awareness, this upcoming dance between Mars and Venus (Aries and Libra) is set up in the classic Jungian psychology of the Anima (inner Feminine) and Animus (inner masculine), along with their shadow aspects.  With Mars in Libra, this dialogue is often an internal one…shifting between one polarity and another…and hoping that the actions taken enhance the position and security of ‘the Other’.  If so, then one’s own survival and status is also guaranteed.  In the extreme, this polarity can result in what is now commonly known in relationship counselling as “co-dependent relationships.”

I’ve done an extraordinary amount of detective work on the astrological import of Mars and Venus in client’s charts over the years. Some of my deepest learnings around Mars in Libra have come from other astrologers, most notably Mr Jeffrey Wolfe Green.  Mr Green’s seminal books on Pluto and the evolutionary journey of the Soul delve into the psycho-spiritual and sexual dynamics of Pluto, and in his second book, “Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul Through Relationships” he sheds a bright light on the personal and transpersonal inner space relationships between powerful Pluto, Venus and Mars.

Before I describe my take on this Mars-Libra retrograde, I need to describe some of the salient points about Mars in Libra.  First and foremost, it has the desire to actualize (make real) evolutionary leaps in consciousness through the initiation of relating with many diverse types of individuals with different beliefs, values and perspectives. It is through this activity that Mars-Libra can expand its Consciousness through experiencing different ‘realities’ as it were.  Mars in Libra is also concerned with issues of sexuality and its karma (though I prefer to use the word consequences). Mars in Libra possesses an instinctual capacity to free the sexual energy in others that is ‘locked up’.  It is primarily through the act of giving to ‘the Other’ that Mars in Libra receives the experience and information that it needs to evolve the entire balance between masculine and feminine, Animus and Anima.

With Mars in Libra retrograde, this will be a period of retrospection about, you guessed it, relationships.  I know I banged on about this in the last blog on Black Moon Lilith, but since Mars entered Libra on December 7th 2013, and will not leave that sign until July 26th of this year, this will be one of 2014’s most significant activators.

However, we won’t all be sitting around on meditation cushions and contemplating our inner masculine and feminine during this time.  Mars is Mr Action after all, and will not settle for all of this introspective stuff. Chafing at the bit, there may be a strong desire to break loose, get wild, take risks, and dive deeply into whatever brings us into intimacy and closeness.  Oh yes, confusion will reign, and there may be some quite severe back and forth stuff between the genders within us and without.  Heavy negotiations, secret trysts, and even relationship triangulation may be in the offing.  Libra will be the referee, seeking to bring the misunderstandings and projections into conscious awareness.  Mars will be like the racehorse in the gate…and he is unlikely to stay patient and compliant for very long. The retrograde phase ends mercifully on May 20th, signalling a wild breakout of energy to initiate and break though whatever was being reviewed and considered during the previous 11 weeks.

What does all this mean for your seemingly mundane affairs, like profession and career?  Well, if you have a plan, then come up with a backup plan…just in case.  Starting new projects after Mercury Retrograde will definitely be easier, but the Mars in Libra retrograde will ask us to be prepared to adjust, renegotiate agreements and plans, and seek to create win-win situations with others.  Since it is Libra and Venus we’re talking about here, then leading with love is going to work a lot better than trying to charge through obstacles like a bulldozer.  This simply won’t work.

Mars in Libra demands a certain amount of liberation and freedom to relate to many people and situations fluidly, and doesn’t like being restricted very much. Liberation looks very attractive to some people, but does scare the bejesus out of most folks. Liberation requires self-responsibility, and after all the back and forth of this retrograde, a whole new set of agreements and arrangements may result in more freedom and flexibility for a whole lot of folks. And, in the absence of a consensus on how to proceed, then from an evolutionary perspective, it may be better to gracefully end certain relationships that are no longer providing the growth or stimulation desired.

However strange this period will be to the Mars archetype, it will only be through negotiation and seeking to understand the other’s point of view that real evolution will occur. In other words, I feel that the spiritual function of Mars in Libra transit will be to heal our ghosts and projections from past relationship wounds, and thereby develop the needed compassion to see and understand this process in ‘the Other’, and reach out in support rather than staying in isolation.

There is a tendency to focus entirely on Mars in Libra here, retrograde or not. However, it is very important to recognize and embrace the polarity point – Aries.  Uranus is currently transiting in Aries, and it would be very remiss of me to not tip my hat to the planet that is so prominent in my own personal blueprint.  Uranus is all about freedom and the collective evolution of Consciousness (it rules Aquarius).  As such, it also is the source of ‘kundalini’ – the Life Force principle in its primordial state.  The archetype that Uranus represents is CHANGE…and it does this in very surprising, sudden, and sometimes shocking ways.  Predicting Uranus episodes is like predicting an earthquake – good luck with that. When Uranus entered Aries, a Cardinal Fire-power sign and The Warrior, it did so in drastic fashion on March 11th, 2011, when the sea floor rocked, and a massive tsunami hit north-eastern Japan. The result we still live with globally is known as Fukushima and the nuclear reactors in meltdown there.  Uranus = Uranium.  With Uranus in Aries, and Mars in Libra, we can renegotiate and we can forge new agreements and alliances with others, but we cannot ignore the polarity point, and accept compromise for the sake of peace and harmony alone.  Integrity will demand that we keep the balance that Libra so ardently desires, between Self and Other, Yang and Yin, you…and me.  We must learn to merge without fear for the survival of ‘self’, and also remember how to unmerge and claim our individuated Awareness as well.  This is the Libra-Aries motif par excellence’.  There’s you, there’s me, and then there is the Entity of our Relationship – Us.

For those of you who are a bit savvy with your own charts, the retrograde period begins at 27 degrees, 13 minutes of Libra on March 1st, and will station direct on May 20th at 9 degrees, 1 minute of Libra. If you have any planets or your angles (Ascendent, Descendent, etc.) or the Nodes of the Moon in aspect to or between any of those degrees, then you will be in the glare of the flashbulb during this phase.

There are other players involved during the Mars Retro, and the ones most active are Saturn in Scorpio, Jupiter in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn and of course, Uranus in Aries.  That exact station of Mars Retrograde in Libra also has an added punch due to the presence of Black Moon Lilith, the asteroid Goddess Vesta, and the Nodal Axis, which moved into Libra-Aries just about a week ago. For more on my previous blog post in this regard, click here to read “The Secret Ingredient.”

One last note of caution here is one that may be most personal for you, depending on your chart and the relationships it forms with the Mars in Libra transit. The overarching effect of this transit will also be experienced on a collective level in quite a major way in mid-April, when Mars Retrograde in Libra will form an intense Cardinal Grand Cross with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, who is also retrograde.  This has the potential to be a game-changer, and with Uranus in Aries (10 degrees + at the moment) it could be rather explosive. I will be putting together two blogs on this event during March…one as an overview, and one that is quite a bit more in depth.

Thanks for reading, and now get on down and do the Cosmic Boogie.


What are Retrograding Planets? – During any transit of a retrograde planet, whatever the archetype or energy that planet represents will be somewhat reversed or subdued.  It will turn its normal activity inward towards reflection and review.  This phenomenon is merely observational, due to the perspective we have of our solar system in relationship to the Earth’s wobble on its axis. It ‘appears’ a planet is stopping and then moving backwards. That just doesn’t happen though astronomically or physically though.

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“Mirror Games”

Since my last writing I have experienced a number of seminal events. The astrological and solar alignments as they affect me personally have been intense and deep, and continue to open new levels of awareness as each old shell or layer of personality crumbles. Many of the clients I facilitate via astrology and counselling are ever more aware of how they can no longer relate to their reality the way they used to. Even though anxiety levels are up across the board, so are the incidences of spontaneous bliss and sudden insights and understandings. 2012 is living up to all previous musings about it, while at the same time leaving the outcomes hidden and undefined. One thing for sure, whatever happens next will be unpredictable, no matter whose prophecies or predictions you have previously relied upon.

Changes continue to bubble up, some of them gentle, and some not so gentle. I feel like I am on the inside of a pressure cooker, and at some point the lid will be unlatched, and I’ll explode into some new form… of formlessness. Not all of these sensations are accompanied by the deep emotions and letting go that I experienced in the wake of my kundalini awakening between 1994 and 1998. No, this is quite different, and more dynamically keyed towards a more self-actualized state of being. As such, I feel that I am to come out more fully into the world to share the vision I have of Spirit, and not seek for myself in any more inside books, or methodology, or other teachers and healers.

The very function and nature of human relationships is changing for me, and I feel that you may also sense the need to change the perceptions about our reasons for relating to others. I feel that it is still essential to honor the deep presence of Spirit in others, as well as all of Creation, but without the projections we have all been habitually accustomed to. It will become more important to delve deeper into the relating with one’s own Spirit, and the Absoluteness that it represents, and cease using relationships as a substitute for this most primary of all relationships. I remember too many times in which I have betrayed my sovereignty for acknowledgment, security, adoration, comfort, agreement, compromise, acceptance and what I thought was love. The external can and does reflect these experiences back to us, but have we ever questioned what keeps us all looking for ourselves ‘out there’? The common responses are; ‘my ego’, or unresolved childhood issues with one parent or another, or perhaps a past life issue, or the original ‘fall’ and loss of innocence. There are mega-billion dollar industries designed to encourage and support us in the search and acquisition of relationship nirvana, and yet it still eludes us. Have you ever wondered why? Even though the consumer culture has created a narcissistic obsession with the love of things, it has also excelled in reducing the relationship, or rather the search for the ‘perfect’ relationship, to one of the most important acquisitions we can aspire to. This may be the ultimate narcissistic fantasy, the narcotic of self-validation through The Other. As Neo learned in The Matrix, just as there is no spoon, there is no ‘other’.

One of the revelations that came about the other morning over breakfast with my partner Lynn was the role of magnetism in the realm of relationships. This also has to do with a more controversial subject I will be dealing with more in depth soon, which is about the less than benign influence of certain objects affecting the planetary magnetics. However, consider for a moment the primary symbol of romantic love in mostly modern times – Earth’s moon.

Consider the possibility that the magnetic force exerted by the Moon (which NASA discovered to be many times stronger than initially postulated) has created and perpetuated part of the primary tendency of human beings to project their subconscious self-image onto other people. Magnetism is the basis of analogue and digital copying and data storage, from magnetic tape to CD’s and hard disk drives. Magnetics is the basis of memory, so when we talk about why did I have this or that experience repeated, it is because of magnetic memory. So, you can stop beating yourself up now. The solution will not be found by having more willpower, or taking another workshop. The solution is found in reconnection to a higher order of reality. More on that later…

Since the mirror game most consistently happens when we’re ‘non-conscious’ (it is a very lunar-oriented psychological condition) we seldom are in a place of observing it in action. However, the suffering and pain of gaining and losing love in relationship after relationship creates a flicker of awareness, a certain awakening that all is not as real as it was described in the romance novels, films and Hallmark greeting cards. What happened, we wonder, to true love?

The Moon reflects light, but is not the Light. It is a dead orb. It may hold secrets that we have scant knowledge of, knowledge that may be the key to understanding the human condition. Why then have we been so easy to adopt it as a symbol of romantic love? We look for our mirror then fail to see ourselves in it as we really are. We become enraptured with our image of the other person, and lose ourselves in them. The only thing that changes is the degree with which we allow ourselves to slip into the dreamlike trance.

The mirror game is going to become more intense, because as we hear and feel the call to transcend that this energy of passing through the plane of the Galactic Center demands of us, then we will become less and less hypnotized by the old patterns, the old projections and the sense of need that used to drive us to look elsewhere for love. It will also dissolve the obsessive pattern of self-reduction that occurs when we are abused by others and then explain it all away as ‘being our own damn fault’. This is not always the case, and constantly re-identifying demonstrated destructive attitudes and behaviours as ‘our own’ may actually add to the dysfunctional mirror game. This is not love, but self-abuse, which perpetuates the cycle, a cycle that cannot be healed through psychoanalysis.

We are being called upon to rise into a new understanding of Love, a new demonstration of lovingness. This demonstration is based on self-responsibility. Yes, some of the reflecting we receive from others is reflecting the patterns that we call ‘our stuff’. But to identify with it is to become it, and that doesn’t serve anyone, and it certainly can’t be called Love.

Am I against relationship and human intimacy? Absolutely not! If I am against it, then I will be perpetuating suffering. It is important to accept completely where I am, where you are, first. Then the possibility of transcendence through Grace instead of effort and struggle comes forward. The dance of Tantric potencies is at the heart of Creation, and cannot be denied. Denial and repression are part and parcel of why the human condition is a condition in the first place. We’ve learned to control and restrict by virtue of the genetic imprint that we deserve to be controlled and manipulated. That too, is another story for another time, but all you have to do is read a bit about the state of human DNA and it is revealed that we’re are not yet an integral biological species. Some of our software is faulty. other parts of it are offline altogether. It is better to come into the enjoyment of anything as consciously as possible, including relating to another human being. A long time ago it was shared with me via a channeling I did from St. Germain that if you desire to play in the realm of limitation then do it as consciously as possible. Wise words, but not always easy to remember

Ultimately, we are Love. We are the Light. Even in this mutant paradigm, the dance of duality, the pristine emanations of the Divine Matrix are available to be accessed, enjoyed and celebrated. It is to be found in Nature, in the arts, and in the beauty of seeing it in the eyes of another, whether human or animal. It is our right to say, “I belong here, and I create here.” However, there is no reflection that is pure enough to bring this truth to us directly, except from and through a deep desire to discover it from within ourselves and to dwell in it continually. The truth is in our own hearts. We are immortal and infused in Infinite Love, for in it we live and move and have our being. It is this that is the truth of our existence. There are still many layers that appear to keep us from knowing this core truth in ourselves, but it is inevitable that to each one that so desires it, they will realize it.

One of the truer statements that about our awakening to the True Love within us, is from the Apostle Paul in 13 Corinthians (Aramaic translation):

“If I shall speak with every human and Angelic language and have no love in me, I shall be clanging brass or a noise-making cymbal. And if I have prophecy, and I know all mysteries and all knowledge and if I have all faith so that I may remove mountains, and I have no love in me, I would be nothing. And if I should feed everything that I have to the poor, and if I hand over my body to be burned up and I have no love in me, I gain nothing.

Love is patient and sweet; love does not envy; love is not upset neither puffed up. Love does not commit what is shameful, neither does it seek its own; it is not provoked, neither does it entertain evil thoughts, rejoices not in evil, but rejoices in the truth, endures all things, believes all things, hopes all, bears all.

Love never fails; for prophecies shall cease, tongues shall be silenced and knowledge will be nothing; for we know partially and we prophesy partially, but when perfection shall come, then that which is partial shall be nothing. When I was a child, I was speaking as a child, I was led as a child, I was thinking as a child, but when I became a man, I ceased these childish things. Now we see as in a mirror, in an allegory, but then face-to-face. Now I know partially, but then I shall know as I am known. For there are these three things that endure: Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is Love.”

Peace, Isaac

P. S. This is an interesting poem by someone named Arcana about mirrors:

“I’m in a hall of mirrors
All I see is endless me
Stretching to infinity
These endless me’s I see

Do I see immediate future
Or is it the recent past
Maybe it’s just the present
How long do moments last

The faces I’ve seen before
But are they really me
Or is it just a joke
Played by reality

I see what they are thinking
Or is that only me
Their contemplative stares
Echo to eternity

If I look a little harder
Are they really all the same
Maybe one is different
In their never ending game

They follow my every move
Like ripples on a lake
With split second timing
It’s hard to spot a fake

What is it that I’m seeing
Among these clones of me
Is it me who’s the reflection
And it’s endless me’s they see

© Arcana
Link here.