The Slow Life Part 2: Entering the Silence

silence and the lightBy Isaac George
17 December 2018

[Venus Retrograde is officially over as of today…a perfect lead-in for this post.]

The Winter Solstice is very close now, only 3 days away, and a Full Moon in Cancer less than 24 hours after it. Talk about synchronicities! There is a paradox with this timing. The energies building to a Full Moon are about activation and making visible something previously not visible. It’s an epiphany of sorts. The Winter’s Solstice is almost the polar opposite. A call to get into a quiet place, meditate and take stock about the year past, and give thanks. Then after that it’s time to party, and break into celebration of the return of the light! With the Moon at zero degrees of Cancer, opposite the Sun, it will be a very emotionally charged time as well. Since Chiron in late Pisces will be squaring the axis of the Full Moon, there may be a feeling of needing to connecting with “home”, with the Source itself.

The strategy I suggest here is entering the Silence. There is already so much noise internally and externally during the seasonal rushing around, that we seldom are aware of how much background stress this is causing to our minds and bodies. The intensity levels are rising in different parts of the world, and if we aren’t careful, we can become sufficiently distracted that we can lose sight of what is essential. Connection is essential. Feeling connected, cared for, recognized. The need we have to be seen and understood is so strong, and in such short supply it seems. Taking the time to deliberately connect within yourself via the instrument of Nature is a primary step into the Silence.

Your heartbeat is aligned with the rhythms of the planetary magnetic fields and Her innate intelligence. Your breath is the breath of Consciousness itself. Your blood courses through your veins and your neurons fire without you doing a single deliberate thing. How can we be so susceptible to fear or anxiety? Because we’ve forgotten who we are, and what birthed us, and how much our life is connected and enfolded in a much vaster Life. The Life we call Spirit, Goddess, or All That Is.

The access point is your breath, your heartbeat, and Gaia. She is the gateway to the larger Cosmos. Your identity is an extension created by your soul to function in the world of the senses, but you are part of something much bigger, and infinitely benign and eternal. Again, I suggest to enter the Silence…of your inner sanctuary and ask to be shown the great Mysteries of who you are, who we are, where we come from, and what the true story of Gaia is. Deliberately tuning out the artificial world, at the time of this Solstice, for the purposes of coming into a deeper alignment and understanding, will actually bestow life-sustaining light and health to you, your body, and your perceptual matrix.

How you choose to do this is up to you. You create the space, invent the ritual, and enter the sacred chamber…so to speak. Envision yourself in a haze of golden light that is like a soft nougat. Free your mind of any of the old religious, metaphysical or spiritual forms you have learned about or adopted. Be a fresh vessel for wisdom to enter, and just begin with simple thanks for the experience of life. From there, you make it up, you co-create with the Goddess.

In the wake of the Full Moon, there may be a sensation of releasing and relief, of surrendering into the embrace of Love. Tears of joy and sorrow may flow, and it will probably be very noticeable on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. As the moon cycle weakens towards New Year’s Eve, the deepening will continue, and the desire of extended periods of rest and sleep may become difficult to resist. Don’t resist. You will need all the rest you can get in preparation for the early part of 2019.

Tune in this weekend for the final installment of this series, when I preview the end of the year, and what to possibly expect in the first few months of the new year.

In the meantime…

Blessings on you journey,

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The End of the Innocence


“The End of the Innocence”
by Isaac George
Dec.20th, 2017

“The greatest teacher, failure is.” – Yoda, from “The Last Jedi”

Solstice Greetings,

This week is a significant one. It started off with G1 geomagnetic storm and the New Moon at the degree of the Galactic Center (26 degrees of Sagittarius), and it will finish with the Sun moving from Sagittarius into Capricorn on Friday. Of course, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day follows, but today through the end of this week is where the main action is happening, along with two other noteworthy elements: the end of the current Mercury retrograde, and big daddy Saturn changing signs and moving into its own domain of Capricorn.

It’s intriguing how much more awareness there is now around the various influences that affect our consciousness in our lives. Our psyches do have to contend with so much in our modern post-industrialized world, especially versus our even recent ancestors from 250 years ago. From the impact of the Internet and social media, to the disintegration and breakdown of political, economic, religious, social structures everywhere. Our ecological crisis is one that is also at play just now, and which will vie for more of our attention as the years pass.

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