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by Isaac
May 1st, 2019

“If you learn music, you’ll learn most all there is to know.” – Edgar Cayce, America’s Sleeping Prophet

Greetings ~

Music and the sound of the human voice are very compelling mediums for the direct transmission of deeper spiritual truths and a wide variety of emotional states. In this dimension of duality, we are constantly immersed in a symphony of sound from cradle to grave. Our mother’s voice (and the attending nurses or doctors) are one of the first sounds we are exposed to. At our transition from this life, the voice of a relative or loved one may be the last thing that lingers in the memory of our soul.

Edgar Cayce’s quote above wasn’t his only one regarding music or sound. He also stated that “music is the bridge between the Infinite and the finite.” There are dimensions of sound that reach beyond the physical world as well. Anyone can dream, and in our dreams we hear people speaking, sounds of the surroundings, even music, and all without the benefit of eardrums or auditory nervous system. Speaking of dreaming music…that was one of the ways that the famous German composer Ludwig Von Beethoven wrote most of his greatest symphonies late in his life. He’d gone deaf but would wake up in the middle of the night hearing entire orchestral arrangements and busily wrote them down on music staff paper. The 9th Symphony was composed this way, and he conducted this complex piece without hearing a single note of it! I believe he heard it though, with his inner ears.

The vocal range and timbre (tonal quality) varies dramatically from one person to the next. Some people’s voices soothe while others irritate. Some persons possess a speaking or singing voice that seems somehow heavenly or comforting. Heart Resonance research is discovering strong neural links between the hearts and throats of some people, and in some cases the voices of these individuals are a carrier-wave of their heart frequency.

Conversely, the experiments by Robert Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute, determined that music and sound could have therapeutic applications as well as enhance brainwave states and levels of conscious experience. His Hemi-Sync recordings are quite well known for integrating the right and left hemispheres of the brain, bypassing the corpus callosum, an altering consciousness, thereby enhancing dreaming and even facilitating out-of-the-body experiences.

Many mystic and shamanic traditions already knew this. Use of rhythmic drumming alongside other instruments could elevate shamanic states. Sometimes the use of psychotropic plants was also involved. In most cases though, drumming alone can induce deep changes in one’s psyche, and bring up and heal emotional traumas. I experienced such a transformation myself when participating in an Ojibwa sweat lodge ceremony. I had a deer antler to beat the dirt floor with in time with the other participants collection of rattles and hand drums. Very powerful indeed! I went through a 90-day detox afterwards.

Music coupled with the human voice has also been a centrepiece of spiritual rituals and practices for much of humankind’s history. Chanting, vocalisations, lyrics with music, they all have been employed to bring us closer to a sense of the Divine within us, and in the Universe. In our times, guided meditations, music for relaxation, somatic therapies or massage hve become a huge part of the planetary awakening and healing processes. The boundaries between cultures and traditional eras have crumbled both in pop, worldbeat and trance music, as much as it has in alternative therapies. Our sonic palettes have expanded to include electronic beats and textures. When we activate our throat center, and cultivate the connection to our heart and sacral, the invocation to the sacredness in all life blooms.

Personally I am fascinated by sounds of the natural world. The ambience of a forest with myriad bird and insect sound, wind in the tree canopy, or water coursing in its banks, all provide a rich backdrop for getting in touch within and appreciating the diverse realm of Nature. In my recording work, I like to employ sounds from outside as much as possible, as this helps us to naturally attune to the planetary pulse, the Schumann Resonance, or a bio-electromagnetic field of Gaia. I also rely on ambient music to unwind and center, and favour the new legions of guitarists creating sound beds and dream beds that have a deep emotional core. Check out the albums by David Helpling and Jon Jenkins to see what I mean (Treasure, The Crossing, and Found).

I’m first and foremost an electric guitarist and taught myself how to play and compose on a synthesizer. My home digital recording studio is no replacement for playing live with other musicians, but it has been an incubator for my personal compositions and produced my one and only CD with it. From around 2012 I occasionally dabbled with helping alternative therapists, counsellors and coaches to create their own guided meditations, online tutorials, or soundtracks for video.

Then something happened two years ago during a time I was in a slump and feeling like I’d lost something vital to myself. A quick session with an amazing Tarot reader in Dublin set me straight. She sternly stated how important playing music and sharing my musical gifts were, and how I’d been lazy about it. Her words brought tears of longing to my eyes, and I remembered what a powerful force for self-expression and losing one’s egocentric perception playing my guitar was for me. She encouraged me to join a band, play a few gigs, and have some fun. I also started offering my recording engineering and producer skills to the healers and counsellors again too.

Well, here I am in the fifth month of the year, and I’m once again helping others to realize their creative and professional dreams to put their voice and vision out there through the medium of voice and sound and on video.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to record your own voice with music, but the technology is too much for you to get your head around, or you’re afraid of how you’ll sound or whatever, I’d like to help. You can arrange a free call with me to see how you can get started even if you don’t have the knowledge or equipment to do so now.

By the way, part of my background was in the music retail industry, and I not only know the gear and how to use it, I’ve also written and spoken copy for radio advertisements. I can be your voice coach as well!

The other bonus is that I was constantly using my own guided meditations in public events and private workshops for almost 15 years, so I know how to coach you in how to craft your presentation as well.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in exploring how to get started, simply click here to book for your free consultation. (All time slots are based on GMT or British Summer Time. Calculate your time zone before selecting a time slot. You can look that up here.

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Thanks. I’ll be back next week with some tips on home recording techniques and selecting the right music. After that I’ll be coming back with more articles about what’s happening on Planet Earth, and the Cosmos. Until then…


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The Art of Relaxing


by Isaac George
Dec.12th, 2017

During the run up to a major holiday season, we may find ourselves taking on extra burdens and responsibilities. We may still be very busy with our work, or perhaps raising a family and so forth, but suddenly there are even more tasks and lists to deal with! You may notice that this cycle is repeated each and every year, but you might find less and less patience with it, or you’d like to find some way to just relax, and stop running yourself ragged.

The holidays can also be a social pressure-cooker, one in which old hurts or losses may arise. When these are added in its hard to find much to celebrate or be thankful for. Perhaps you need to refresh your spirit, and learn a different way for yourself?

Relaxation is an art. We’ve forgotten much of this art, mostly because of our modern society and the influx and intrusion of so much technology into our daily lives. Electrostress is a real culprit in robbing our bodies of vitality and aliveness, while also feeling relaxed and centered at the same time. The background EMF fields or our smartphones put us into a flight or fight response we may not be aware of. But our bodies sure are reacting!

Our “work ethic” is also another stress point. We are expected to perform, to be productive, or somehow we’re we feel we’re not contributing or being effective enough. This is unheard of in indigenous cultures. The idea of “work” isn’t even a word in some of these cultures.

Feeling really connected to yourself, and to anything you could deem greater han your chatterbox mind, is the only remedy for so much of what ails us. Discovering our divinity, or the Divine within, and getting in touch with our souls and bodies, is a habit that needs to be started, cultivated and maintained as the starting point for each day. Your immune system depends on it, for if we maintain the tension, our immunity can’t protect us from even the common cold.

I’ve specialized in many energy modalities, guided meditations, intuitive spiritual guidance and more since 1997, and the one thing I know that is at the core of whole health is the art of relaxing. Sometimes what is needed is for me to assist someone to discover the source of their anxiety and then listen deeply so he or she can unburden’s themselves of some old grief, or grievance. Another person may simply need help with how to make a conscious and loving decision for themselves around some important life matter. In another instance some personal or professional crisis propels someone to want to know how to access something greater than themselves, in order to discover their core purpose and deeper meaning and peace in their life…to find Spirit.

My role is to guide my clients into whatever is most needed for them, so that they discover their own answers and their own rhythms. This is a work in progress, or journey of self-discovery…not a one-off reading or predictive art. Whatever it is that my clients are confronted with, my primary role is to create a secure and powerful space in which they can rediscover the art of relaxation…to cultivate the sanctuary within. Once that’s established, the real work can progress organically.

If any of this resonates with you, and you desire to move from the place in life you currently find yourself into a more peaceful, creative, satisfying and fulfilling experience, then just contact me by clicking here and set up a free call to explore your needs and deepest dreams.

I only have a few spaces available for my Spiritual Mentoring program starting in January, so I recommend booking your appointment now. After our chat, you’ll receive some valuable steps and tools to help you de-stress, ground and center so you can better enjoy the holidays.

With love, and blessings for the Solstice and however you celebrate the season,