RESCUE YOURSELF: Simplicity is the Plan for a Less Stress Life


You are not a machine.

Looking around these days, whether its in my Inbox, on my social media feeds, or listening to the chatter I pick up on in cafes, I am hearing and seeing loads of messages about becoming more proficient, productive and efficient in your career, workplace, home space and lifetstyle. A near constant litany of ways to improve this, hack that, and strategies for achieving more are even pervasive (as I see it) than in recent memory. In fact, they are becoming just as annoying as pop-up ads. Juxtaposed against this stream of consciousness (am I being too kind here?) are another set of messages warning us about the dysfunctional nature of our lifestyle choices, and how they are increasing our depression, affecting our health, and ultimately calling into question the whole basis of our way of life. Day to day living is becoming a search for the next dopamine fix when you check your smartphone.

Which messages are you listening to?

It seems as if the mindfulness movement has been hijacked to serve our need for ever more security, stuff and to secure some arbitrary ideal of what the “perfect live” looks like. Are we using the tools of metaphysics and spirituality as they were originally designed, or have we co-opted them for our personal ego agendas and possible gain? The wellness industry is a kind of oxymoron really, another adjunct or app to help us to continually cope and produce. However, what happens when you really slow down, and take a closer look, and reflect? The chasing is never-ending. The finding ever more elusive.

Is it all making you happier, or just more miserable than ever?

Worry, anxiety and depression, along with obesity, drug and alcohol addiction, and gender and racial abuses is on the rise. So are authoritarian right-wing politicians and governments. We’re behaving like chronically unfulfilled, hungry ghosts searching for a material or spiritual Nirvana. Perhaps further away from that goal than we’d care to admit. Ultimately, we must ask ourselves, what is it all for, and what is the point?

Whether we like it or not, we are also connected to every other living thing on this world, and we all are having a shared experience. (That’s an even a deeper rabbit hole I could take this down, but that’s for another time.) If you are wondering what the most graceful and sensible next steps for reducing or eliminating fear, stress and anxiety in your life, then here is what I’ve found works for me, and for many of those whom I call my clients and friends.

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The Challenge and The Calling

FB_IMG_1500664331286by Isaac George
December 2nd 2017​Greetings! To those of you over in my old homeland of the USA, I hope you enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving with your families and friends. They don’t observe T-Day here in the UK, but frankly, my waistline won’t miss out much. The next holiday season will be arriving in about 25 days from now.

I want to ask you something. As 2017 is drawing to a close, how has your year been? Be honest with yourself now… have all your goals, hopes and dreams you intended at the beginning of this year been realized? Bottom line, are you actually more fulfilled, healthy (emotionally, mentally and physically), prosperous and happy than you were in January? If your answer is “Yes”, then good on ya! If your answer is “heck no!”, then read on.

No matter which side of the equation you find yourself after that question, I feel you’d agree with me on a couple of key points. 1) This planet is a radiant and beautiful place… and is very much worth preserving. 2) There’s a lot going on in the world that isn’t okay, that isn’t radiant and beautiful… or fair to all. 3) That there needs to be a saner, better way to live that isn’t so costly and destructive to our souls, psychologically physically, socially or environmentally. 4) That we can, and indeed must, find the personal and collective will, guided by our Creator, to envision and create a new world that is a type of heaven on the Earth.From the burgeoning refugee crisis in the Middle East, to the opoid epidemic sweeping the United Sates; from the human trafficking and sexual abuse that seems pervasive everywhere, to the widening gap between the elite who create and control more and more of the global wealth and resources; from the crushing hunger and homelessness… and hopelessness that we see around us, to the increasing breakdowns of individual freedoms and once-reliable institutions, we are all in some way either part of the problem, or part of the solution to these evils and ills. I use the term evil to define problems that have, or seem to be, beyond addressing or repair. However, I am in no way saying we are powerless or helpless to make a difference. To paraphrase Gandalf from Lord of the Rings when he counselled Frodo, we’re here in these times to do what we can with the time we have been given.


Sophia Wisdom GoddessWe are immensely complex, sensitive and powerful creations of Divine Love. We are capable of so much more than what the world and our past has defined us to be. We possess the imagination of the gods and goddesses, and are capable of creating our own versions of hell or heaven. It’s always our choice… and we own nothing more valuable than our power to choose, and change.

Beginning today I am making a re-commitment to my spiritual path as an emissary of Love, a speaker of truth to power, and desire to help others realize Who They Are beyond their past stories, or future fears. To make a difference in the lives of others requires that we first see ourselves with the eyes of Spirit, not the ego.

If you’d like to move forward in 2018 towards more freedom within and without, an empowered sense of purposeful living through right livelihood, more nurturing and fulfilling relationships, an understanding of how the world really works, and why it’s no longer healthy to just try and “fit in” to simply survive, then I’d like to invite you on to a free exploratory call with me. I will listen to your deepest desires, and your most prevalent fears. I will then suggest some things that you can take action on right now to bring you more into the Present moment and start getting clearer within about the next steps to take. I can then explain to you how my Spiritual Mentoring program and tools can further your growth and self- realization, and how to live a more peaceful and grounded life in a world that is going to change even more dramatically in the times to come. For me, a successful life has little to do with the size of your bank balance or stock portfolio, or accomplishments. It has everything to do with how peaceful, joyful and loving you are towards yourselves and others. Have you loved well, and have you made someone’s life better by your being here? That’s a success that you can take with you at the end of your life here.

The invitation is below. Remember that you have the power to choose between the past, or an uncertain future, or a future that you want to face. A future that you can live fully in the Presence of right now, right here

There’s absolutely no obligation or selling involved.

To find out more, join me for a little chat together. I look forward to hearing from you.

In Love, Isaac

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