Isaac Gordes ProvenceWell, what can I say about me? There’s all the usual palaver that I could go on about: my upbringing on a farm in Pennsylvania, complete with my childhood encounter with an angelic voice speaking to me in an unknown language out of a ball of light in a nearby meadow. Or my early experimentation with psychotropic substances and discovering Tibetan Buddhism, Theosophy, the Rosicrucians, white witchcraft and Edgar Cayce. Or the desire to become a rock and jazz fusion star on lead guitar. Many gigs and many sonic hangovers. I’m on a roll, so… Got married, twice. Had careers in the hotel and restaurant industry as an auditor and accountant (yep, count them beans), sold point-of-sale systems to the hospitality industry, sold in-room entertainment systems to the same industry, then got to live a fantasy of mine by working in the musical instrument retail industry. Then, something funny happened.

In January 1994 I had a kick in the cosmic backside. Technically referred to in esoterica as a ‘kundalini awakening’, I was literally stripped of my former life, lock, stock, and barrel. I fell in love, fell out of a marriage, began having all kinds of inter-dimensional and paranormal communications with what a friend of mine refers to as ‘other dimensionals’, and began a four-year purge on all levels, pyschic, psychological, emotional and physical. Somewhere along the way the big angel from the meadow came back to me…Archangel Ariel. And the Christ presence, and a few others as well. All I could do was fasten my seat belt and trust. Healing modalities happened. Channeling happened. Facilitating workshops and giving presentations happened. Leading folks on dolphin swims in Hawaii with other wonderful humans happened. Meeting my beloved partner happened.

Well, its been fifteen years since those halcyon days, and I am now older and a bit more grounded. Although I don’t look at the world through New Age tinted lenses, I nonetheless know that we are involved in a amazing and critical time in the planetary drama, that I have a role to play in it and an opportunity to share my love through my gifts of wisdom, love, healing, music and writing.

Thanks for listening.


5 Replies to “About”

  1. Carl Jung has this concept called synchronicity. But I wonder why we live in parallels? I now see generational similarities among us. Ive identified that the “flower children” made the “indigo children” so help us out elder generation. We are the next ones… Recently I discovered a printout of: Channeling of Ascended Master St. Germain ” Atlantean Crystals with St. Germain September 7th 1999″ As you should know my Star Seed crystal connected this info for me. It then helped me to find you, as it was your work.

    1. Hi Matt,

      Thanks for getting in touch, and for synchronistically finding me! I do remember doing that channeling in Portland, Oregon so long ago. Wow! The living in parallels thing works well, once you get start thinking paralogically, and also accepting the paradox of virtually everything. Try to imagine yourself as Matt, and also as ‘God’, and you get the idea….it’s a ‘both/and’ experience, not a ‘either/or’ struggle.

      Crystals function with human consciousness as data repositories and activators of memory. So, in a sense, since everything enjoys some form of consciousness (even stones and rocks), we are dealing with another type of sentient species when working with crystals. They connect us to Gaian consciousness…the Earth Mother, and like Her, our bodies are interdimensional portals that interface between the All That Is, and the singularity of each individuation of the One. Crystals are like organic computers.

      Thanks, and many blessings,

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