Eye of the Needle

Eye of the Needle

by Isaac George

Sept 11th,2019

On that Tuesday morning 18 years I was still half awake on the West Coast when the phone rang. A friend on the Eastern seaboard let us know what was happening in New York City, and we got the television turned on just before the South Tower collapsed. However, even as my partner at the time was relaying what our friend was telling her over the phone, a small voice inside me whispered, “don’t panic, its all a setup.”  I didn’t question that, and my whole body resonated with the truth that was implicit in it. What unfolded during that day, and the days and weeks and years since, has only reinforced that knowing – that it has all been a setup. I’ll get back to that concept in a minute.

Probably like you, I’ve never felt like I was from “here”. As a young child, I’d look up at the stars and think, “That’s home. Why am I here then?” I perceive that some of us certainly have lineages to other races and worlds out there, but our intrinsic story of how human beings came to be, and our part in that story, has been well hidden from us…on purpose. I’ve come to understand that when we long to go Home, it is a clue to a bonding trauma that our souls remember from a time deeply burned into our eternal memory banks. It is symbolic of our false belief in separation from Source Consciousness and Love. This did not come about because of a Fall, but because of a Push. The divine dream for our souls and for humanity was intended to be along a different road, with a different story, than what we have inherited on this Planet.

So we looked to the wisdom of the Ancients for answers, and delved into the old metaphysical texts and traditions, along the teachings from various Adepts and messages from Higher Beings beyond our world. A very few enlightened souls have pointed the way Home, but they have been few…too few.

During my life I’ve witnessed how those of us who are the Seekers have embraced and released many of these methods, traditions, beliefs and doctrines. Some aspects are full of Truth and worth keeping. Some have been proven to be full of hollow promises, and in some cases, vehicles for subtle enslavement or deception.

At the turn of the last Millennium many were strongly suspecting that a mass awakening would occur, and much on this world would be healed and a new era of love, compassion, cooperation and prosperity would envelope us. The environment would be respected…and repaired. Altruism would replace capitalism. This mass awakening would render the Old Order of politics and religions obsolete, creating the fertile ground for a universality of spiritual paths in which all were respected as roads that lead homeward. Then, the stolen election of 2000, followed by 9/11 happened. We went into collective shock.

In the run up to the Iraq War in early 2003, some of us joined with millions of regular people to voice our opposition to this opportunistic and dangerous war, only to be ignored by those we elected and trusted. From then until now, we continue to experience one shockwave after another…and it doesn’t seem to be letting up or getting better, no matter what individual efforts towards further spiritual growth and illumination we make. The reason for this does not lie in some fault in ourselves.

We hardly created the causes that have created the conditions in which we now find ourselves. However, if we continue to discover, embody and act from the place of the power of Love within us, we can affect the direction, change the course, make a huge difference. The time is short for this to occur. The acceleration of climatic change and ecological decay is obvious. What is also obvious is how the decay is now apparent system wide. All political surety around democracy is severely damaged, make everyone vulnerable to those who value power and greed above all else. The financial and monetary systems are corrupt, based on debt and fraud. The air isn’t fit to breath, the water fit to drink (and it’s under threat), and the food isn’t fit to eat. Just to survive, many are forced to ignore the larger issues and strive to make it from payday to payday in order to feed themselves and their families. Can anyone look around and think that this is what God-Goddess desires for human beings?

Our choice is obvious. Evolve or perish as a species, as Nature and the planet press the reset button and usher in a new eon that will not include humans and many other lifeforms. It’s happened before…five times.

Back to the “setup.” To be fully conscious and awake as a human being, to be a Spirit and not a ghost, we need to recognize that within us dwells the utmost ability to imagine and actualize a different outcome, and a different world. Not just for you and me, but for others, and those younger generations that are growing up even now. I may not see its fruition, but I will not stop trying and working to bring it about.

When all looks hopeless, it’s time to remember what faith looks and feels like. It’s time to surrender to that greater Power within us that gave us Life, and the power to imagine anything. It’s the power that creates Life, from the seed to the towering oak…almost effortlessly. The story can be different, but we first must attend to where we are holding onto beliefs, opinions, attachments or sacred cows that no longer serve. To that end, we can and must make the break from the world that we grew up in. That needs to happen in order that we do not repeat the errors of the past. The looping game stops with us, or we all stop.

But first, we will have to pass through the Eye of the Needle.

The next 18 months or so are very critical for all of us and the Earth. It should be a time in which we are willing to surrender and admit that none of us, individually or collectively, has all the answers to the big issues, or our own best good. Events in the outer reality are crystallizing towards a crescendo of crises unprecedented in the collective history of the planet. Astrological markers like the Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn contacts that started this year, will especially make a big noise during the first 5 months of 2020. This will test many. I don’t say this to scare everyone, but to bring awareness and channel powerful solutions both personally and collectively.

I understand perfectly if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by all this. May I suggest trying what you haven’t tried before? If those inherited rituals, cultural indoctrinations, or the beliefs that you were told would make you enlightened aren’t working any longer, and you’re doing them out of habit, then perhaps you could try to follow your own wisdom in your heart. Let go of the rules and become a law unto yourself. We were designed in the image of Nature, or the Feminine spirit that dwells within Nature if you will. All Nature’s creatures know their nature and express it without censoring. They all value freedom above all else.

When we let go (heal) our inherited “stuff”, then our nature can shine through, and we can know a freedom no society or government can guarantee to us. The ego and all its fears and worries will gravitate to its rightful position as an instrument of the Soul’s evolution, and Spirit and Heart will regain the throne of the Self – knowing itself as itself and yet One with All That Is. This is the core of the work of transformation. To become fully human…a human embodying the Divine Dream. Then will we know Heaven on Earth.

“We are the ones we have been waiting for” – Hopi Prophecy


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E: isaac@isaacgeorge.com

2 thoughts on “Eye of the Needle

  1. Spirit of Truth

    Dearest Spirit of Truth
    I feel like I used to feel
    when I realized that
    ‘all is not what it seems,’
    The story I created in my mind to
    escape the unbearable facts
    of my childhood.
    Spirit of truth speak to me.
    Is it true?

    Were we attacked by
    ourselves at 9/11?
    Was it an inside job?

    I used to joke that
    the pentagon was
    the high seat of Satanism
    in the US.
    Otherwise, why the shape
    of a pentagon?
    A pentagram fits
    perfectly inside.

    What a joke.

    I can hear God laughing.

    So speak to me
    Spirit of Truth.
    Was it an inside job?

    Alright, let’s talk about it,
    spirit replies.
    You feel it in your gut.
    You have detected
    the stinking thread
    of corruption that connects 9/11
    to what has come after.
    And it does smell of sulfur,
    the stink of fire and brimstone
    escaping from the gates of hell.

    And don’t they fit the pattern,
    Cheney and Bush;
    An evil personality
    taking a weaker personality

    M. Scott Peck knew what he was talking about.

    True or not, 9/11 has been used
    to create as much evil
    as if it had been
    caused for that very purpose.

    Which of course, it was.

    So now, here are some questions for you
    asked in the spirit of truth.
    Why do you want to know? Why do you want the truth?
    I don’t want to live inside a lie again.

    Been there, done that
    with Dad and Mom.
    How interesting the connection there,
    the parental role, parental abuse, parental lies
    and my country
    viewed in its parental role.

    What can you do with it?
    What can you do with the truth?

    For myself I can grieve it.
    I can have something to pin
    these feelings to,
    this anger and pain
    I carry about the misuse
    of my son’s service.

    How will knowing the truth help you?

    If we all know the truth,
    I won’t feel so alone.
    I won’t feel the way
    I used to feel,
    carrying the family secrets
    with no one to talk to.

    What do you think will happen if the truth comes out?

    Healing, my own and others;
    forgiveness even.
    Truth, you have always
    cleared the way for
    healing and forgiveness in me.
    How can it be so different
    at the macro, the national level?
    Those people, those poor people.
    Victims of fear and greed.
    Their families.

    And what if it doesn’t?

    Denial. I don’t approve of denial
    as a lifestyle choice.
    A temporary mechanism
    to lift us over a rough spot, OK.
    But not a lifelong choice.

    It’s unhealthy.
    More and more unhealthy
    behaviors develop to maintain the denial.
    How much of what happened
    after 9/11 developed to maintain denial?

    We’re surrounded by it.
    Climate change denial,
    overpopulation denial,
    it goes on and on.

    All I know is that this hurts.
    I struggle to find a way to live with it.

    Maybe I’m the terrible one.
    I know terrible things happened in the past
    and I kept my head down.
    Reagan and Iran contra and who knows what.

    My government has done so much harm
    in other countries for greed, for coercion.
    How silly to think it wouldn’t turn on us.

    So Spirit of Truth, any other questions?

    Yes, two. Who will you choose to be
    in the face of not knowing,
    not seeing the truth come out in your lifetime?
    Who will you be if it does?

    I hope to be a faithful person.
    I hope to find a way to continue
    to believe in love no matter what.
    I hope that love removes all
    that is not love from me
    so that love can clearly shine through me.
    I ask all this in the spirit of truth
    and without reservation.

    My poem about the spirit of truth reflects the struggle I have had questioning the events of 9/11 and their causes. It reflects my experience with the healing effects of truth on a personal level and my belief that truth can heal on the macro level as well. It reflects my hope in my own personal power to choose who to be in the face of evil. I don’t want to be a bitter and hateful person. But I don’t want to have to live inside a lie either. Our government in my view has turned on us. It isn’t pretty. And most likely it isn’t over. 3000 killed on 9/11 + 1000’s of American soldiers killed in ridiculous wars + 1 million+ Iraqis and Afghans killed for oil + ad infinitum. How long can it be before our government decides it needs another ‘Pearl Harbor?’ Generally, for serial killers, it’s the first kill that gives permission for all the rest.

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