Dying to the Old World – Pluto Retrograde 2018

butterflyby Isaac George
April 30th, 2018

“I can’t believe you people. I come for you, and you want to stay, I let you stay and you want to go!” – Death, from “Meet Joe Black”

Death…and Taxes. Sometimes paying taxes feels like a dying…like some precious life blood was being taken from you by force, or at least without your enthusiastic cooperation.

The 21 grams. The anomaly of how much lighter a human corpse is after the us that is “us” has vacated, and gone…where?

Ever wonder why it is that most people don’t have a single memory of where they were before their birth? Stranger still, how many can remember their last death, their last life prior to that death, or what came after. Can you remember, or know anyone who can? And, if you did, how can you tell if what it is you’re remembering is true, accurate, infallible?

I read a book a long time ago entitled “What Dreams May Come” by Richard Matheson. Yes, it was made into to film later, starring Robin Williams, but that came 20 years after I read it. In the Introduction, Matheson wrote this: “To the Reader…

An introduction to a novel is almost without exception unnecessary. This is my tenth published novel and the thought of writing introductions to any of the preceding nine never even occurred to me.

For this novel, however, I feel that a brief prologue is called for. Because its subject is survival after death, it is essential that you realize, before reading the story, that only one aspect of it is fictional: the characters and their relationships.

With few exceptions, every other detail is derived exclusively from research.”

I won’t list the sources Matheson used here, but I can highly recommend reading this book, as it goes much deeper than the film adaptation ever did. I also have perused the work of Dr. Michael Newton, and it provides some parallels to Matheson’s sources, but with significantly different nuances, some of which I found disturbing, or at least questionable.

Astrologically, Pluto went retrograde recently. Saturn did as well but Pluto is tied up with Scorpio, as is Mars, and both co-rule one of the primary aspects of Scorpionic interests. Death and dying. Some of the areas covered by this house is death, taxes, inheritances, legacies, and so forth. Real estate, or division of properties is also highlighted. “Letting go” is a big theme overall.

The other factor we are contending with now is the recent ingress of Chiron into Aries. Chiron in Pisces was also about endings, in a different way though. (I wrote about that in this blog a little over a week ago) Part of the newness of Chiron in Aries will resemble the state we are in as a child, or as a dysfunctional adult looking for the meaning of our lives. The refrain will be “who am I?” Seeking a new identity, and building that identity, is a factor in Arian consciousness. It’s like dying and being born again. That theme will keep coming up repeatedly until Chiron reaches 3 degrees of Aries, permanently (more or less) in January 2020. Until then, we’re all in for a period of personal and collective crises of identity. Another way of thinking of this is the “le petite mort”, the little death our ego experiences at the moment of orgasm…only this 20-month process may not feel quite as much fun at times.

Another thing to consider about death is its purpose. In the world of the temporal, the realm of plants, animals, planets, star systems and so on, everything is being born and everything is dying…all the time. We seem to have come into possession of the idea of immortality through various aspects of contemplation, reflection, direct shamanic investigation, and religious-spiritual experiences, and the idea of our own death may seem repugnant, or simply unthinkable.

Are we immortal? I know a part of us is, and it is our soul. The divine intelligence that gives rise to consciousness itself is a guarantor of that. Most of humanity has sensed it, known it, even without empirical proof, for millennia. However, is death necessary? Is it our fate, no matter how much we reincarnate and evolve? And, are we really evolving, or are we deluding ourselves? Trying to cheat death by medical or scientific means, even entertaining the idea of merging a human being with a super-computer, somehow seems to be a horrific step backwards into some dystopian sci-fi movie.

The question I will pose to you today, in the wake of a Full Moon in Scorpio, is this: do we need to remember fully who we are, and what we are, before death and the need to be reborn is overcome? There is new intel bubbling up here and there that the reincarnation scenario is a hoax, and recycling of human souls into this world for some unknown purpose. I liken this idea to the song Hotel California by the Eagles, in which a line states: “you can check out any time you want, but you can never leave.”

So, what if this were the last hurdle to expose and dissolve before we can evolve freely, to finally discover our truest nature and deepest reasons for being alive? That is the question I will give to you. The answer, the Truth, is somewhere in you, and out there. Memory, or the act of remembering, is a key component. I recall that concept was put forth by the scientist Greg Braden almost 20 years ago. I feel it has merit, this need to question the very concept of death and rebirth, and see if we can resolve it, and move beyond it.

In the meantime, death (and taxes) are still here, still with us. As the quote by Joe Black at the beginning of this blog said, when we are confronted with our inevitable leaving, we want to hang on to everything here even harder. When we are confronted with the senselessness of pain, loss or meaningless, we can’t wait for to leave.

For the time being, before we release anything, may we remember the words of Anthony Hopkins from “Meet Joe Black”:

Bill Parrish: It’s hard to let go, isn’t it?

Joe Black: Yes, it is Bill.

Bill Parrish: That’s life… what can I tell you.”

Understanding the Changes: You don’t know what you don’t know. If you are yearning for that a new direction or understanding that you know would give more meaning and purpose to your life, to wake up to who you really are, and create a world in which you sing with freedom and love, then why wait any longer? If you’re more than curious, if you’re ready, then just click on this link to book a free 40 minute consultation with me right now.



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