What Just Happened?

by Isaac George
April 20th, 2018

The most predominant of human needs is to hope for something better, something ineffable and to feel like we are moving forward so we may eventually arrive at some point in the future that will at least feel arriving at a sort of completion, a coming home as it were. It’s in-built in us, part of our nature. And very altruistically we long for everyone else to have this experience. Well, most of us anyway. The inverse or ego-inflation of this impulse manifests itself in all manner of sociopathic and psychopathic behaviours and events, some of which are so horrific, that we call them senseless, and indeed they are without sense in every respect of the word. How do we reconcile the distortion of this lofty impulse with our better nature? How do we try to understand what this world is really all about?

This has been a momentous few weeks, and indeed most of the action has been over the past 7 days. New Moon on Monday-Tuesday at 27 degrees of Aries, with powerful Uranus joining the party. Then Saturn turns Retrogade in Capricorn, followed by Chiron leaving Pisces, where it’s been since April 20th, 2010, and entered Aries. Since I now view evolutionary astrology as something we are both observing and influenced by, and also as something we are collectively participating in creating, the ramifications of the phenomenon is intriguing, and as many are experiencing, challenging and somewhat disruptive. Even with Pluto also now slowing down and stationing prior to going Retrograde this Sunday, it is still the issue of Chiron moving from Pisces to Aries that is dominating. Here’s why.

Chiron’s transit in Pisces for the last 8 years has been mainly about a collective healing process of personal identity seeking Source identity, or Home (Utopia?). The shamanic astrologer Barbara Hand Clow describes the crisis of Chiron in Pisces as a crisis of the soul desiring union with the Godhead, at any cost. In order to do this, the trial by mutable water (Pisces) is to heal all open doorways and wounds that are impinged on by the Astral realm, the netherworld of dreams, phantasms, demons and worse. Unresolved emotional baggage, sticky cords and cables with others, or non-physical entities are all highlighted. The murky webs will need to be burned out, the ghosts and goblins and dramas from many lifetimes, and attachments to the collective unconscious (Akasha) must be purged in order to attain the prize of self-realization.

The Astral, or 4th dimension, interpenetrates our own realm of 3D. I’m not going to go into any discussion of parallel universes or 5D here, as there is a lot of theory attached to it, without much basis of fact. The collective unconscious, as Jung describes it, is easily interchangeable with the concept of the astral realms. Indeed they are much the same thing, as many mystics over the ages have demonstrated. In the Gnostic writings, it is this sub-dimension that is occupied by artificial life forms that are hostile to humanity and envious of the Earth. The Archons are the occupants of the lower areas of both 4D (astral) and even some of 5D. According to the texts, they are older than humanity, or the Earth. Anyone these days can Google “archons” and go on a merry goose chase about their origins and agenda. The Gnostic scholar who first brought the term to the conversation, John Lash, has described their agenda in one word – senselessness. The topic of hyperdimensional entities such as the Archons is a bit sci-fi sounding, and too complex a topic to address fully in this article. I recommend you do your own research, and you can start right here. Every indigenous culture and some religions have parallels in their mythologies, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. What’s surprising is how well hidden it’s been for eons of Earth’s history.

Now here’s the connection to the Chiron in Pisces experience.

During the Chiron in Pisces transit we began to bear witness to the externalization of ideologies and behaviours that are openly hostile to human happiness and evolution. The rise of  business and political figures that lack any empathy, or are more openly hostile to humanity at large, are now in positions of power and decision-making. This group of leaders also make it abundantly clear that they prefer continued destruction of the environment for economic progress and for concentrating the aggregate profit and wealth to the shrinking few. They are beginning to resemble the influences from somewhat demonic influences who are manipulating decisions and choices behind the scenes. For example, the current and previous Tory governments in the UK rose to power in 2010 and are still firmly entrenched. The backlash against the Obama presidency began to gain momentum in the U.S. after the election in 2012, giving rise to Trump. More leaders from the far right of the political spectrum have taken office in recent years than at any time since the 1930’s.

The upside of all of this is how apparent it is all becoming, how we are more aware that something is fundamentally “off” about what we’ve been told about how life should be and is on this world. This shift should inspire us with even more incentive to become more aware, more discerning, more CARING than ever before. This is the plus side of this transit, to infuse real and divine human love into the healing and transformational process, so that we can re-engage in the journey of making this world into something that is based on concrete fairness, prosperity, love and ecological balance for all.

With Chiron now in Aries, I predict that the spiritual warrior side in a lot of us will be emerging, to speak truth to power, to challenge the privileged, and to forge local and regional partnerships to take back our power to give ourselves, others, and this world a fighting chance. The other aspect that will also emerge, and which will require self-control, is a strong reaction to being dictated to, or coerced in any way. Strong boundary setting may result in interpersonal clashes and disagreements. Again, this energy will be better directed to addressing, limiting, or even ending the digital intrusion from governments, corporations and social media platforms. The stronger sense of taking full responsibility for healing one’s own stuff, coupled with a strong sense of shared social and economic justice (hey, it is Chiron in Aries, not Mars!), will be like that title of the second Hunger Games film – “Catching Fire.”

Plain speaking and speaking plainly without sugar-coating will become commonplace. Calling out bullshit will become more prevalent. Saying “No” will become okay. This transit, in concert with the other energies in play, will pull and push us to dig deeper for the truth in every situation. Nothing will be off limits, especially mainstream anything: religion, politics, economics, ecology, and any collective distortions or outright lies about our true origins and original purpose. In other words, it will kick our collective backsides…a call for new beginnings.

Asking the tough questions and demanding the real answers will become the norm. If we embody the courage exemplified in the archetype of Aries and use the archetype of Chiron to heal the Aries tendency for selfishness, then it will be a boon for many. May we recognize that courage is one of the powers of an awakened heart. In her book “The Coming of the Feminine Christ”, by Niamh Clune, she states “By our wills the planet lives or dies. Only the awakened heart shall avert the apocalypse.”  Yep, it’s crunch time folks.

With love,

Part II next week…Pluto Retrograde and a new understanding about death.

You don’t know what you don’t know. If you are yearning for that something else that you know would give more meaning and purpose to your life, to wake up to who you really are, and create a world that sings with freedom and love, then why wait any longer? If you’re more than curious, then just click on this link to book a free 40 minute consultation right here.



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