The End of the Innocence


“The End of the Innocence”
by Isaac George
Dec.20th, 2017

“The greatest teacher, failure is.” – Yoda, from “The Last Jedi”

Solstice Greetings,

This week is a significant one. It started off with G1 geomagnetic storm and the New Moon at the degree of the Galactic Center (26 degrees of Sagittarius), and it will finish with the Sun moving from Sagittarius into Capricorn on Friday. Of course, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day follows, but today through the end of this week is where the main action is happening, along with two other noteworthy elements: the end of the current Mercury retrograde, and big daddy Saturn changing signs and moving into its own domain of Capricorn.

It’s intriguing how much more awareness there is now around the various influences that affect our consciousness in our lives. Our psyches do have to contend with so much in our modern post-industrialized world, especially versus our even recent ancestors from 250 years ago. From the impact of the Internet and social media, to the disintegration and breakdown of political, economic, religious, social structures everywhere. Our ecological crisis is one that is also at play just now, and which will vie for more of our attention as the years pass.

While living on this planet we are facing earthly, astrological, and cosmic influences that are always around us and involved in our evolutionary condition, physical or otherwise. I also must include the “hidden” influences from interdimensional and hyper dimensional realms, and those that populate them. This does not imply that any influence is either entirely bad or good. Some are helpful, and others less decidedly so. We also can view such phenomena from either a victim perspective, or as one empowered to change our individual destiny. We may even to bend and break some of the accepted rules or beliefs, even so-called cosmic laws.

There are limits however, to what is ours to change, and what need to surrender to. If we hang on too tightly to anything, it can become another loop, destined to replay itself in some other way or lifetime, until we learn the lesson and integrate it. Essentially, that’s the nature of this level of “reality”. I call it the Loopy Looper effect. If you’ve experienced some déjà vu on some issue from your past cropping up repeatedly, you know what I mean. It also validates the adage: “history repeats itself.”

To acknowledge the power of certain cyclic loops is useful – if you understand that they are just that…markers in the time continuum. Although cycles are part of the realm of Nature, try to look at those cycles as a spiral moving upwards, or at least sideways through space and time…like a wormhole. This differs somewhat from the loopiness that humans unconsciously create. The difference is that the planet is also alive, sentient and auto-poetic. Auto-poetic means to have the ability to dream or emanate into manifestation an intent or thought. We also possess this gift, but usually our personality gets fixated in separation and survival mode, and we miss the greater possibilities and potentials for using the gift for wisdom and self-knowledge in service to all life. That’s another story though.

The Solstices are markers in the spiralling cycle, as are the Equinoxes. They are congruent and harmonious points in by which balance is maintained. Equilibrium is the primary function of all energy systems. Therefore, the Law of Attraction must function in tandem with the Law of Repulsion. And Enlightenment isn’t so much a goal as it is a state of beingness that is at the still point or balance. It arises as a natural outcome of making the shadow, our “endarkenment”, conscious. The veils are dissolved, and we just “know” what there is to know. By the way, this truth is given a high priority in the latest film in the Star Wars saga, so if you go see it, watch, and listen closely.

The Winter Solstice is oft called the “return of the Light” because the shortest of days is reached, and then the days of sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere get longer until the time of the Summer Solstice. Astrologically and in the pagan lore it is the preparation time for the planting of new seeds next spring.

The Winter Solstice in this year has a few new wrinkles to it. Saturn, Lord of Time, Cause and Effect, Limitation and Matter enters its rulership in Capricorn until December 2020. Capricorn represents organizations: governments and institutions, banking, economics, rules, and regulations of all types. The last time Saturn was at 0.00 degrees of Capricorn was November 1988. If you were alive then, what was happening at that time for you? What was in the headlines?

The other new wrinkle to watch for will occur next May when Uranus leaves Aries and enters another Earth sign – Taurus. What all this will feel like for the next six months is a kind of weaning (whether voluntary or not) from virtual reality mechanisms, social media, digital domination, and any airy-fairy spiritual bypassing. In other words, the message is “get real!” The pushback by carbon-based oxygen breathing organic souls (us) against the Silicon Gods is already in motion, and it will gain momentum. That’s the first awakening of 2018. Old leaders, idols and false heroes will be exposed and fall. The golden calf will be found out, and its counterfeit.

Taking responsibility is also a Saturnian theme. However, our human conditioning is loaded with the guilt-driven forms of responsibility we were brainwashed with from childhood. Some of this brainwashing is also evident in spiritual and religious programming as well. Obeying all the rules and never questioning anything will always end up in a blind alley. Uranus in Taurus will guarantee that never happens. We are invited to delve into the higher levels of meaning of the word responsibility.

The responsibility I’m speaking to here is about being responsible about your awakening process, and assisting others to awaken from the false light and fear that is rampant on this planet. It’s a process, and no one can predict the timeline nor the possible outcomes. We can only take responsibility for what is reasonable and fair to ourselves and those within our vicinity. Break it down: Response-ability. We best learn our mastery through our failures. The ability to respond to failures is the seed of real success.

We are luminous beings of Light, and our souls are truly innocent. However, I feel that the word “soul” is been bandied about heavily over the last half decade, and over-used by folks to re-brand their online businesses, etc. The words “god” or “Spirit”, and even “goddess” has faded into the background. Why? Perhaps we are a bit too over-focused on our psyche, self-reflecting on what our soul wants, or the traumas our souls remember and struggle to resolve, even though it may not be the highest source of wisdom and guidance available. The end of our innocence isn’t about losing our innocence as it is about losing our naivete’. We can no longer prevent, avoid or delay waking up fully, and seeing those things we don’t want to look at, whether outside of us or within us.

The exposure of sexual predation recently is only one “tip of the iceberg” of the spiritual and psychic predatory agendas that have kept humanity in victimhood, separation, and fear for thousands of years. The hidden can no longer be hidden. It’s symptomatic of the end of this cycle, the Kali Yuga or whatever, and the potentiality of a different outcome arises each day when we arise, and choose differently. The power of choice is what I began these December blogs with. When we merge our power of choice with our divine instincts, then that alignment will assist us to emanate and actualize our ideal next steps in this experience.

I suggest that your desires, intentions, wishes and dreams all carry the caveat “for my highest and best good, and the highest and best good of all.” Stay balanced and grounded and find the still point within when the times get crazy.

Just remembered something that the American sleeping prophet and seer Edgar Cayce said: “If you can still pray, then you’re in good shape. If you can’t pray, then you are really in trouble.”

Wishing you all the best for the Solstice, the holiday season, and blessings for a 2018 full of joy, opportunity, peace, and happiness.


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