The Secret Ingredient


I’ve been following what some of you have been experiencing under this Mercury Retrograde, and the Mars in Libra station at 27 + degrees, and yes, it has been really a rough time for some. I did say this Merc Retro would be a weird one, but even I’ve been surprised. However ragged this time has been (and yes, it will get weirder as we approach the Equinox), I think I’ve neglected to mention the secret ingredient that is making it quite stressful and rather Plutonic….Black Moon Lilith.

Currently at 28 degrees plus of Cancer, Lilith has been prodding and pushing us to recognize where we have been giving our power away. Remember the Full Moon of Jan.16th? Lilith and the Moon were conjunct at 24 and 25 degrees of Cancer, opposed by the Sun at 25 of Capricorn. This was a very powerful trigger point, which set in motion much of the stresses in our relationships that we are experiencing right now. This will reach a crescendo on March 1st, when Mars will be ready to station retrograde at 27 degrees of Libra, which is all about a major restructuring in everything we are in relationship to, or that we love, or felt was a necessary component in our lives.

The focus of Mars in Libra is usually Mars muted or turned inward, but with a retrograde motion the effect is doubled. Now on this day, March 1st, Mercury will turn direct, while Mars is joined by the North Node AND Vesta (divine feminine, sacred prostitute archetype) at 29 degrees of Libra. The South Node is at 29 Aries, while Venus is being squared by the Nodal Axis at 26 degrees of Capricorn. Black Moon Lilith completes the Grand Cross where she stations at 29 degrees of Cancer. With Venus and Lilith, Mars and the Nodes all connected, it is a force to be reckoned with. What does this wacky window of opportunity mean? Well(he drawls with tongue in cheek), I reckon that anything that isn’t in alignment with your core principles (read “Soul’s Desire or…dare I say it…mission?”) will come under a lot of pressure to shift. If you don’t shift it, the Universe will shift it for you. Either way, all bets may be off on what you have previously figured as a ‘sure bet’. Remember, gambling only pays when you’re winning, and with Lilith in the mix, better figure there’s a derringer hidden up her pretty sleeve.

So people get ready, cause this is the first crossroads we must negotiate ahead of the 5th Pluto-Uranus Gate in mid-April. Some of our shadow material we thouLilith March 1 2014ght was ‘handled’ may reveal itself in surprising ways in our relationships…even our relationships with not just people, but with things, situations, jobs and careers, or the places we reside in. Some of it may just transform and some of it will be left behind in our quest for liberation. Lilith is many things, but a doormat for the patriarchy and status quo is not one of them. She will not be owned or restrained by anyone, nor will she be demure or genteel. She can’t be bought off. Respect is what is needed here…and like Lilith, you better get to respecting your Core Values first.

Postscript to “The Secret Ingredient” – Feb 22nd, 10am GMT

As usual under Mercury Retrograde, sometimes you think or say something…then after awhile, another idea or insight pops up that needs including to give more clarity to the first thoughts or words. Well, since sending out my Cosmic Weather Update late last night, I had a few nudges to add some to it. Here goes…

“What are Core Values?” – That which you feel is instinctually ‘right’ versus what you’ve acquired via others, whether by education, parental/social indoctrination or genetic downloads as the way you are supposed to be or behave. In other words, you have a conscience…embrace it.

“How do I discover my ‘core values’?” Ahhh, many fine astrologers have noted that this Merc retrograde in Pisces/Aquarius is a great time to get clear about your ‘ideals’ or visions. It’s like a vision quest, but a bit confusing in that Hall of Mirrors known as your subconscious. So, the usual methods still suffice: meditation, journals, walks in the wood or by the sea, psychosynthesis counseling or transpersonal psychotherapy, breathwork, hobbies or gardening in which you temporarily ‘lose your self’, talking to your Soul, talking to the Cosmic Mother, listening well, checking in with your body, etc., etc.,etc. I’d avoid using affirmations and trying to push things this way or that. That’s unhealed ego trying to hijack the whole shebang.  If you need any recommendations of practitioners, just message or email me. I do coaching in this regard as well.

By the way, the other secret ingredient in this time, and the Cardinal Grand Cross on March 1st, is Saturn at 23 degrees of Scorpio. He’s trining Black Moon in Lilith at 28 deg. of Cancer, and you couldn’t imagine two more antagonistic energies in the cosmos. Saturn as Jehovah,, and Lilith…sitting down and having tea together? Not gonna happen! This is beginning to become less of a factor over the next few weeks.

Next Update will focus on this amazing Mars in Libra cycle, prior to the beginning of the retrograde phase, which begins, you guessed it, March 1st.

Much love, Isaac George


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