“No Loose Ends” – Cosmic Weather Update Nov.28th, 2013

Comet Ison Nov. 23 2013

Cosmic Weather Update

November 28th, 2013

“No Loose Ends”
By Isaac George

Since November 1st we’ve seen an acceleration of events that is quite breathtaking. On November 1st, the 4th Uranus-Pluto square occurred, and fortunately, no major or surprising event took place immediately afterwards. I believe this is because Uranus is still in retrograde motion, muting the power of that archetype in the sign of Aries. The warrior is being still…contemplating the next moves in this celestial chess match. One of the most powerful moments was the heliocentric (Sun-centered) peak of the Uranus-Pluto dance, which happened on November 23rd, less than a week ago. This will set the stage for Uranus moving direct on December 18th. Once it gets up a head of steam over the holiday period, it will be at full strength for the beginning of 2014.

However, all has not been quiet or uneventful since November 1st. The Philippines was hit with a massive typhoon, which many considered to be the strongest storm on record since records began being kept. Devastation from earthquakes and storms in that region of the Pacific is increasing in magnitude. The Ring of Fire has never really gone to sleep, but seems more active than ever since November 1st. Six volcanoes started erupting simultaneously, in the Indonesian archipelago and Mt.Etna in Sicily! A whole new landmass from an undersea volcano appeared out of the ocean off the coast of Japan as well, matching the one that appeared off the coast of India in October. Mother Earth is stretching and moving. There is some speculation around man-made influence regarding the Philippine typhoon, and I cannot rule it out or in. Weather modification and tectonic tinkering is a known fact, and some governments, notably the United States and Russia, have been delving deeply into this dangerous territory for perhaps decades.

One of the other manifestations of the Uranus-Pluto cycle will be increasing social and political unrest. The ‘push-back’ has begun, and although you may not read about it in the controlled media, resistance is building among many peoples worldwide against the increasing levels of control, taxation, spying and general complicating of life beyond reason or affordability. I’ll be writing more on this at the turn of the year, as things will heat up considerably as we move towards the Spring Equinox in 2014.

Meanwhile, signs and portents in the sky are drawing eyes heavenward. Comet Ison (pictured above) will be making it’s loop around the Sun today (Nov.28th), and if it doesn’t vaporize in the Solar Corona, then our planet will travel through a sizeable cloud of debris from the comet’s wake, sometime around January 12th, 2014. Some have speculated that this may be a panspermia event, a seeding of interstellar material directly on to the Earth biosphere.  This material won’t incinerate apparently, because it will be so fine and moving so slowly and it may take decades for this stardust to wend its way through our atmosphere to the surface.  This is also something that Mars will experience as well.

Saturn in Scorpio and the Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio were front and center.  An article appeared in the main stream media recently that punctures some balloons around the life and work of Mother Theresa. A total saint she wasn’t.  Paedophilia and slavery scandals are still popping up with regularity in the press as well, mostly in the U.K. though.  But what has really caught my attention with this astro cycle is the recent upsurge of women I know who are experiencing a welling up of shame, so that it can be addressed and healed. Much of this shame is sexual in origin as well (Saturn in Scorpio), with old judgments and restrictive taboos at their root…all originating in the patriarchy (Saturn) of course.

The last major topic is the upcoming Venus Retrograde in Capricorn. This will set the stage for the Mars Effect beginning next year, but let’s stay with this one for now.  Venus turns retrograde at 28 degrees and 58 minutes of Capricorn on Dec.21st at 21:54 GMT.  The Sun will enter Capricorn a few hours before signalling the Winter Solstice. Venus does the retrograde thing approximately once every 18 months or so, and is part of an 8 year cycle. Venus represents the value we place on love and money…or beautiful possessions. Retrogrades are a call for a more internal focus. With Capricorn, the focus will almost always be on practical and structural themes. However, this is Venus we’re talking about here…the ruler of Taurus and Libra – survival in our environment and relationships.  If you have any planets or angles in your chart close to or at 28 degrees of Cancer, Capricorn, Aries or Libra, you can be sure that you will feel this transit most poignantly. The call is to reflect and review about your purpose and whether you are being true to it. We will be called upon to weigh our value system in light of our personal relationships and any fears or anxiety we may harbour about standing up in our own life and charting our own course. This doesn’t necessarily mean living life alone or singly, but to reorder our relationships in ways that honour ourselves and the ‘other’ or ‘others’ we are involved with.  We’ve been in the shadow part of this cycle since November 20th, so you’ve probably noticed that some ‘shadow’ material about your intimate relationships has been ‘up’ lately. The Retrograde lasts till January 31st, but we won’t exit the other shadow period till March 4th, 2014. Lots of inner and outer work on tap, and we’re just starting.

What a time to be alive!

Until the next update, journey well.


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The Best in Us

Dreaming the World

by Isaac George

November 26th, 2013

I travelled to London earlier this month to attend the Gateways of the Mind conference* on consciousness, lucid dreaming, shamanism and out-of-body experiences.  The line-up of presenters was impressive, and the venue was quite impressive as well. Up until mid-October I had actually not committed to going, and only some arm-twisting by the organizers at the 11th hour convinced me to actually attend. And boy, I am ever glad I did.

The whole adventure was transformed into a pilgrimage based on intuitive trust and timing. Once I had committed to going, everything I sought to employ for my needs fell into place almost without effort.  From being offered place to stay in a private home near the venue, and acquiring very inexpensive airline and ground transportation, I watched as everything else unfolded in a ‘just as needed’ fashion, I was treated to one of the most extraordinary shamanic – style sojourns of my life.  My very first experience of London was in 1973, and although I’ve visited there since that time, none of the ones previous to this one equalled the first time…and this one was quite magical.

Lest I turn this into some kind of shamanic travelogue, I’ll get to the main point. I found something even more profoundly touching than the mere symbols in the environment that I was in alignment with my soul’s deepest desire.  I experienced a rebirth, a reconnection to that part of my being that is the most lucid, and the most loving.  This experience reconnected me with the amazing and miraculous stuff from my kundalini awakening nineteen years ago. I experienced the extraordinary “wow” of becoming a channel, even as I was going through an intense healing process. I rediscovered what is was like to dance with it all which led me to a few moments of total lucidity that I can only be describe as ‘unity’ awareness…union with God while still remaining completely human.

I also reclaimed the childlike part of me that lived very close to Nature while growing up on a farm in my youth, and those times when as an adult in which I sought the solace I needed by hugging a tree, or watching the ocean’s waves, until the heart pains were washed away in the absolute wonder of it all. I began to understand the purpose of the wilderness that I’d been wandering in for the past 10 years, exploring and questioning many of the experiences I’d been through, acquiring and weighing new information, and trying to understand what direction my work and life needed to go in.  In other words…I’d been waiting for a sign of some kind…a moment of perception and clarity that would be completely compelling and unmistakable. I wanted another ‘calling’ to my soul, beckoning me into the next adventure.  And, even though I might fear letting go of the known, it is definitely the desire for freedom and authenticity that is giving me the courage to step into who I have always been.  I was totally Isaac and also ‘the everything.’  As Ariel kept saying over and over again through me for years, “…it’s a ‘both/and’ scenario, not and ‘either/or’ one!”  You don’t get it until you GET IT!  I get it now.

Since returning home last week, I am experiencing some essential deprogramming.  Many control programs, self-judgments, spiritual rules (and human ones!), acquired or force-fed beliefs and conditioned patterns are falling away.  Yes, this is painful at times, but when one of these layers is spotted, and the tears begin to flow, the ecstasy comes in to validate and heal on an ‘as needed and just in time’ basis, just like my London journey.  Other physical symptoms like dizziness and shaking happen, and then are replaced by a new sense of solidity. The most pronounced sensation is that of an open and curious heart…eager to love and to also just plain ‘be’.  Ariel called it “effortless efforting.” I like that…and it is a good reminder to approach the most challenging tasks with an attitude of playfulness, or at least complete attentiveness. The trick is to be deeply aware as much as possible without becoming transpersonal or detached from the moment.

So many of those I encounter, whether they be clients, fellow seekers, or just regular folks in my daily life, are looking for something unique, something that can lift the tension, anxiety, fear or sense of loneliness that seems to be their constant companion.  Sometimes it is lovely to read the accounts of some people who are seemingly so plugged into the flow of magic, and  that their lives are working so well. Unfortunately, we compare our experience with theirs, and think we’ve somehow not studied enough, cleared enough karma, gotten rid of enough ego, prayed enough, meditated enough, done enough yoga, altered our diet enough, or not attended the right workshops or read the right books, or found the right spiritual teacher, shaman or guru…yet. Endless, this self-improvement gig, isn’t it?  When does the striving stop? When we become finders instead of seekers?

Actually, this entire perspective of comparing our consciousness with others is just another adopted system that is controlling our minds, and preventing authentic experience from entering in naturally. It’s just that it seems so damn hard to not compare ourselves to someone else, or to a particular philosophy, spiritual or metaphysical system.  We want the Big Juice, the feel-good formula that all these things promise, but they only seem to deliver in short bursts or not at all.  I used to believe in “ascension or bust”, but not any longer. I can’t afford the cost, the toll it takes on my humanity and my soul.

Our thoughts are not a problem. We have been told our thoughts or the process of thinking is a spiritual problem which keeps us separate from God. Without our minds we would be unable to function in this world, and many of the skills we take for granted would be unavailable to us. Our minds are part of us.

Our bodies are not a problem. We’ve accepted how religions have demonized our bodies, creating shame, guilt and self-hatred and an impediment to spiritual growth. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Our passions and feelings are not the problem.  Repression, sublimation or detaching from our deep feelings, desires and passion is a bigger problem that leads to distorted perceptions and behaviours.

Our ego is not our enemy. It is the vehicle through which Life discovers and expresses unique individuation as you, me, and everything else too.

Even certain negative emotions can bring us into awareness and action. Anger, frustration, lust, or even hatred, when experienced while remaining aware and grounded, may actually create solutions. For example, when your boundaries have been violated, anger can be the means to defend yourself. This doesn’t have to supersede your ability to love, or the perception of Love. By establishing healthy boundaries, you may actually call that an act of love…towards self and towards the one pushing your buttons.  None of these emotions can make you a hateful person, unless you become totally lost in it. Exploring our shadow side and loving it can integrate and empower you towards wholeness and appropriate action.

Even pleasure is not a problem. It is our yearning for touch that connects us to the manifested spiritual energy all around us…especially the miracle of our own bodies. There is infinite healing and tenderness when we caress the face of a lover, or stroke a beloved pet, or receive a foot rub, enjoy a favourite food, or indulge in sex without shame or reserve. Nature doesn’t blush. But our species has learned to do that through eons of hurt and shame… usually from religious or spiritual ‘authorities’. It is through touch that our hearts realize the reality of love, comfort and belonging in the manifest world.

Even as my heart and soul revel in this experience of opening and expansion, I am still aware that all is not harmonious or healthy on our planet, our Mother.  All that I’ve been exploring during the past ten years has not been made redundant in the light of my deeper knowing. If anything, now it is balanced and complementary. As Isaac, I am both/and a human and part of the great ocean of Spirit/Consciousness/God.  I am part of this Mother Earth, the Sun, the core of our Galaxy, while at the same time I am the Great Mystery. We are all that…and probably more. To not lose our sense of awe about the nature of existence while staying completely human is what Life is. We can either stay unconscious in our human experience, or we can awaken to our deeper nature without trying to isolate ourselves from our humanity.  Remember: Both/And. Not Either/Or.

There are people and forces in this world who are actively striving to prevent the mass awakening of Consciousness, this reconnection to the original human being, or as the Gnostics identified it – Anthropos. No matter how you might try to rationalize it, since the beginnings of the New Age movement and what I will term dis-identification with the world of human feelings and realities, the situation has grown progressively precarious and dangerous.  Anyone who looks around at what is happening today, right now, and calls it okay is in serious denial, or worse.  We cannot escape our responsibility to actually stand up for justice, fairness, and the rights of all living beings here, and to stand against the predatory and psychopathic behaviours that have manifested in our political, corporate, religious and social institutions. If we are to accept the challenge of these times, then we are all going to have to redefine our spiritual perceptions. Our survival, the survival of many species, and even the survival of Gaia(Earth) is hanging in the balance. That is exactly why we are here and in this Now.  Gaia has awakened, and we as Her children are awakening with her. This awakening is happening from the Galactic Core outward into the spiral arms, where we are.

One thing’s for sure, there isn’t going to be any rescue from space or from other dimensions. Recently the astrologer Tom Lescher made a quip worth sharing; “We’re descended masters!”  Turns the whole paradigm on its head, but I wouldn’t get too carried away with the idea. As one of my favourite authors, Tom Robbins, once wrote, “be your own UFO, rescue yourself.”  We demonstrate our true mastery by loving our wholeness.

What will the best that is in us do? What will become of us? What’s going to happen next? Frankly, even though I study astrology and prophecy, I just don’t know. That’s the best part…I don’t have a clue. If we really knew, would there even be an effort to get out of bed tomorrow morning?  That is also part of the awe I feel at this moment…it’s like approaching the first hill on a roller coaster. “Yikes” and “Yippee” all rolled into One!

What do you or I want next? Will this or that happen…or not happen? I…don’t…have…any…idea.  Maybe that’s okay. I can certainly desire and intend and will for my desires to become reality. This does work, but there’s also a better way that allows for the magic and miracles to flow into us and through us. It’s called trust. Desire to your heart’s content, then let go and see what happens with it. Another way to use will and intention without trying to bend material reality to your bidding is to play with lucid dreaming . I’m no expert on this, but there’s a wealth of knowledge already available to discover more about how this technique can strongly influence your daily experience in a positive way.

The bottom line is that the best in us is our humanity and what it connects us to. We’re warm and loving, a bit crazy and neurotic. We’re scared and we’re capable of amazing and courageous things. We are a pile of paradoxes…which is just as it should be, because that’s the way it is. We’d do well to stop resisting ourselves!

When we embrace all of ourselves, we begin to touch the most profound secrets of our deep Nature…the intangible thing that connects us all. We realize it when we love another for no other reason other than because we do…and there’s no explanation for it. We realize it when we spontaneously love our pets or children, Nature, or even our food and creature comforts. We enter into love whenever we cross the line and demand our freedom, or defend the right of another soul to be free. We are Love when we embrace and express the best in us.

That best is everything that you are, here and now.  For me, perhaps that’s just perfect.

With gratitude,

For more information about Gateways of the Mind, click here.

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