“Secrets of The Passion”

Christ_Consciousness__46661_zoomBy Isaac George
March 29th, 2013

This Easter weekend is a very interesting time for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the unusual planetary alignments that are taking place. It has been less than a fortnight since a tiny island nation [Cyprus] was turned into a nation of serfs, a new Pope was installed in Rome, and Obama made his first visited Israel as President of the United States.  April Fool’s Day looms very significantly just over the horizon.  Perhaps there is a message in that too.  No matter what is in the headlines, they are sure to obscure the underlying truths of our times.

The main event, astrologically speaking, remains in the realm of the unpredictable – Uranus in Aries. Joined this week by the Sun, Venus and Mars, the pot is being well-stirred.  There are many major and minor points I could pursue in this realm alone, but that is not the intent of this Easter message.

Many years ago, during my second spiritual activation in my early 20’s, I was an avid student of the Edgar Cayce materials.  Cayce did over 5,000 Life Readings over the course of three decades, and the story and teachings of Jesus was at the core of his work. While in trance, one of the oft repeated themes was “…only in Christ do all extremes meet.”  I spent two years in Virginia Beach, VA., investigating the massive catalogue of channeled material that Cayce left for posterity, while at the same time I also immersed myself in other mystical traditions, such as the Rosicrucians, the Kabbalah, Tibetan Buddhism and esoteric Christianity.

One of the most controversial set of discourses Cayce did was centered on The Book of Revelation by St. John the Beloved. This last book of the contemporary Christian Bible has always troubled theologians and novices, because of its wild and sometimes incomprehensible imagery, and the predictions of a final apocalypse between good and evil.

In a medical reading for a patient, a doctor asked for more information about how to treat the patient’s troublesome thyroid condition. Cayce recommended he study Revelations, if he were to gain a full understanding of the human energy system and the endocrine glands of the human body. The doctor was intrigued, and over a period of months the doctor got what he wanted and much more. The Book of Revelation was a diary of St. John’s transfiguration into Christ Consciousness, not a predictive warning about the End of the World.  Every symbol and verse described the process of purification and illumination of John’s physical, mental, and spiritual identities.  Since the publication of this analysis by Cayce, some within the Association of Research and Enlightenment (the foundation formed to continue studying the Cayce materials) have thought that Revelations had a personal and planetary relevance, based on the law of correspondence;  ‘as above, so below’.

The Book of Revelation is happening on global and personal scale at this time, and this process of purification and illumination is gathering speed and intensity.  It is not happening in the way that Christian Fundamentalists have interpreted the verses, in a literal manner without any acknowledgment of allegorical or symbolic meaning.  It is happening through an infusion of Consciousness via galactic and solar energies.  This heralds a direct awakening of Spirit in matter, activating the shadow for purification, and instilling the Christ Consciousness directly into the very subatomic structures of our bodies, Mother Earth and the Cosmos.  Light and sound, originating from the Heart of the Cosmos, is igniting the kundalini fire.

The third square between Pluto and Uranus will arrive on May 20th, exactly two months after the Spring Equinox.  Pluto will be retrograde and Uranus direct – the world’s powers will be weakened, while the power of the individual will be exalted.  As more and more individuals resurrect the Divine Codes of Creation within their bodies, then the individuation of The Sacred Heart of Life in the form organic Light will activate all.  This will not necessarily be a consistently blissful experience, and like the crucifixion-resurrection process described in the Gospels, it could be a Dark Night of the Soul passage before the dawn arrives.

Which brings me to the Secret of The Passion.

One of the tenets of orthodox and fundamentalist Christians is that Jesus’ crucifixion was to cleanse sin from all humanity. Part of this is supported by passages from the Old Testament, which over the centuries was expanded upon by the Catholic interpretations and dogma.  The overwhelming precedent of this doctrine had to do with the nature of the Crucifixion and Resurrection, and that through this ordeal, the Christ Spirit actually took on the sins of the world during the Good Friday Passion, and then redeemed it through the Resurrection on the morning of the third day (Sunday).  I won’t go into all the biblical references here, and encourage the reader to research it, if desired.

As interesting as the interpretation of the Book of Revelations was through the Superconscious perspective of Edgar Cayce, the metaphysical description of the reasons and process of the Crucifixion and Resurrection far surpassed it.  From many disparate readings there emerges a pattern of information that describes the symbolic, physical and metaphysical reasons for Jesus’ choosing of this way of At-one-ment. Indeed, He must have chosen it, as there were plenty of chances to leave Jerusalem and escape to some remote part of Judea.

Ever since the time of the ‘Fall’, which was a condition of unconsciousness and forgetfulness that was induced upon humanity by an extra-terrestrial influence that occurred over a lengthy time frame beginning 256,000 years ago and leading up to and including the ancient civilizations of Sumeria and Egypt, human beings have experienced an acute sense of separateness from the spiritual dimensions and the greater Cosmos.  Somewhere along the way , the human genetic code was altered and manipulated…fear and death entered into the collective and individual experience.  Modern genetics used to call the 97% of our inactive DNA ‘junk’. Now they just call it dormant…and no one knows why it is in such a state. But, I digress…

Many of the archetypes in our history relate to stories of fallen beings, such as Lucifer and Satan, along with references to snakes and reptilian humanoids. Some may stem directly from our racial memories of reptoid geneticists that influenced the earliest human beings.  Perhaps the Sumerian tablets aren’t allegorical at all. In the past two years, I’ve correlated enough information from my own intuition and other sources, such as the shamanic traditions of indigenous cultures, that these ‘outsiders’ created an alternate reality for humankind that was not part of our original divine design or intent. That we agreed to such an interference is another story altogether, but when laid side-by-side with Cayce’s information that ‘Adam’, the first self-conscious homo sapiens, knew that he would become the man who would embody the Christ Spirit and redeem the planet and humanity at some future point, then a choice to ‘fall’ in order to rise above the conditions of suffering and death so prevalent in the world may have been by design.

Cayce describes the planetary psychic energy of 2,000 odd years ago as at a critical juncture in Earth’s evolution. There was so much accumulated negativity, that unless the living and aware Presence of Love of the Creator interrupted the timeline, then the fate of Earth and all humanity would be catastrophic and swift. The readings strongly indicated that there was no enforced action upon this situation…Spirit never interferes with free will.  Instead, the Readings describe that the intuition and devotion of the early Essenes over a 400-year period prepared the way for the embodiment of the Christ to become a possibility.

The actual crucifixion was described as an alchemical cleansing and reclamation of the planetary geometries and life force.  Blood carries more than nutrients, oxygen and genetic information…it is at core the manifestation in the physical realm of the Soul Forces.  The blood of Jesus, infused with the overlighting consciousness of The Christ (Atman, First Cause, Only Begotten Son), alchemically cleansed the Earth and the lower astral planes surrounding it of all misqualified thoughts and emotions. This process would not prevent future mistakes or negativity, but the intercession supposedly did halt the entropy that was already underway.  At the same time, as the spiritually-infused blood entered into the subatomic fabric of Earth, a spiritual quickening similar to the conception of a child occurred, ensuring that the Earth would survive the times we are in now. This has been a 2,000-year long pregnancy, and it is close to being full term now.

In the Cayce material, The Resurrection was described as both etheric and physical. The real body of the man Jesus was also quickened to a rate of vibration as to become non-corporeal…no longer visible in the visual electromagnetic spectrum.   On Easter morning, this conversion of matter from one state of energy into another was still on-going, as Jesus cautioned Magdalene, “…touch me not, for I have not yet ascended unto My Father.”  The mingling of two different rates of vibration may have altered the transfiguration process, necessitating Jesus to instruct Magdalene in this way.

The Jesus that appeared then to different groups of the disciples and to other individuals seemed to be sometimes very solid and physical, like when the Apostle Thomas could actually place his fingers into the holes in Jesus’ hands left from the nails, while at other times he seemed almost a phantom…appearing and disappearing with ease.

There are many other interesting threads of information, some possibly real and others merely allegorical, that describes in detail many subtle nuances of the drama that unfolded two millennia ago in little Palestine.  Whenever I read that Jesus was just another prophet or teacher, or that he probably never existed and is merely a composite of other, earlier myths and allegorical tales, then I come back to one salient point.  Why would anyone ever risk so much, including torture and violent death, to preach about something that never happened?  And yet, those persons who were definitely historically real and deemed to be closest to the Master did exactly that.  Whether the evidence is circumstantial can be debated forever.

My direct experience in this lifetime, ever since I was very young, is that the person of Jesus is, and was, as real as myself, and that he may have been the first human being to overcome the falsehood of physical death looms large for me.  One of the major components of ‘The Template’ ceremonies that I’ve participated in is that death was introduced via the manipulation of DNA, as was the condition of fear. Would we approach life in a physical experience differently if we knew in our heart of hearts that we were immortal?  Could we imagine what would be possible on this planet once the veil of denial about ourselves and our origins were completely known?  “These works shall ye do, and greater” is the reminder.  When the original Divine Blueprint is restored, and all DNA reactivated, this is the resurrection into our Original Innocence. Then, all things do become possible.

From the Cayce Readings: “I and my Father are one. Then they took up stones again to stone him. Jesus answered them, many good works have I shown you from my Father; for which of these do you stone me? They answered him, saying, For a good work we stone you not; but for blasphemy; and because that you, being a man, make yourself God. Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your law: I said ‘you are gods?” – John 10:30-34, Jesus quoting Psalm 82:6 to defend his teaching that God dwells within all human beings.  In essence, Cayce described the Christ Soul as the impelling force and core of truth behind all religions that teach that “God is One.”  Fortunately, religion is already obsolete, and will crumble in the light of direct realization of our being the ‘sons and daughters of The One.’

Also from the Readings: “…Jesus ‘became the first of those that overcame death in the body, enabling Him to so illuminate, to so revivify that body as to take it up again, even when those fluids of the body had been drained away by the nail holes in His hands and by the spear piercing His side.” [I’ve attempted to locate the reference number of the Reading that this comes from, but without success. It is reprinted in Jeffrey First’s book “Edgar Cayce’s Story of Jesus]

As the revelations in the field of quantum physics unfolds, and begins to substantiate the holographic nature of what we loosely call ‘reality’ we will be even more confronted by what we will see…our identity as a fractal of the Christ Consciousness, living in an individuated state within a physical embodiment and in an apparently physical Universe. We will also be able to access states of awareness and experiences far beyond anything we would have allowed ourselves to envision even 10 years ago. This will possible only if we rediscover the Christ in us, that courageous heart in which all extremes meet.

If we are to represent the Second Coming, then we must abandon hope of it. That is to say, we choose the silent power of the Heart in order to dissolve the version of the world as we have been told it is, instead of ‘hoping’ for becoming something better in the future.  Christ Consciousness  is not meek, but vital…courageous and compassionate, stillness and action…peaceful and passionate…gentle, yet fierce.  Fierce love, unafraid and deliberate. We only limit ourselves, or give permission to others to limit us.

The Easter archetype is one of rising up, from what seems to be sorrow and death, but enters into Light and Joy. The Secret of The Passion, is that we are life without boundaries, without limits. To live this passionately is not the way of the world.  If we follow in the footsteps of the Christ within, the world will not praise us or support us, because it does not understand that the only law worth obeying is in the core of our Divine Heart. That is why the world has destroyed the previous messengers and perverted the messages.  It does so out of fear…fear of discovery, and fear of losing its control over the Earth.  In the day between the crucifixion and the Resurrection, Christ blazed a trail of Light through the realms of Death, beginning the process of planetary ascension/resurrection.  This is why it is inevitable that the old world must fade, in order for the new to appear.  New wine will burst old skins, and we are all shedding our skins these days.

As a final note, I want to share something that a good astrologer and friend, Dale O’Brien, recently sent out in his newsletter. Here’s the first paragraph, about a Mayan Elder, Don Alejandro, and a prediction he made in 1999 about this coming Easter Sunday.

“… prominent Mayan Elder Don Alejandro (“Wandering Wolf”) predicted that on March 31st of 2013 the Sun would be hidden for 60 to 70 hours. After this brief time of darkness, he said that we then enter the “period of the Fifth Sun.” “Wandering Wolf” relayed this message not to frighten nor to threaten, but to help us to understand perhaps the most significant part of our transition of consciousness into the New Era. Mayan elder Henbits Men repeated the same story and timeframe.  Some non-Mayans have repeated the same message. Variations of the time of darkness vary from as little as three hours to as much as three days (72 hours). I could find no recent updates or retractions on this subject. Relevant or not, March 31st of this year is also Easter Sunday. Some who have returned from a recent spiritual pilgrimage to Mayan sacred sites speak instead of March 21st 2013 as the time when “things related to the new era consciousness really start actively, actually happening.”

More about this topic can be found here:

Read the original Dale O’Brien Newsletter:
Temporary Darkness and Visible Shift?”.

Whether anything this dramatic occurs remains to be seen. However, it is always a good idea to follow the sage advice to ‘be prepared for anything’.

In closing, I extend to you all the blessings of love, empowerment and sovereignty from my heart to yours.  May we all listen in the silence of our own hearts for the still, small voice of the Core of Creation, inspiring us to throw off all the chains and to be and do whatever it is we are gifted to share in assisting with the transfiguration and resurrection of ourselves, our fellow human beings, and the Earth. The darkness of the birthing canal is ending…and the Light is ready to welcome us into home.

Peace, be with you,

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2013: The Year of Quantum Flux

tumblr_mg6hq8HBu71s216f7o1_500 (3)March 11th, 2013

Have you been feeling like you’re starring in your own video game?  (I have to thank my partner Lynn for that one)  Have you lost track of your human identity lately, and have looked everywhere for it?  Can’t remember where your house keys or online passwords have gotten to?  Are you spatially challenged, and think you’re just turning into a klutz?  Or are you spontaneously crying when looking at a picture of some nature scene or cute furry creature?  If so, then welcome to the next level…welcome to the quantum flux.

This quantum flux is being like everywhere and nowhere at once.  Mental activity is becoming severely compromised and jumbled, as if too many messages or tasks are having head-on collisions inside your synaptic centers.  At the same time, you may feel your feeling nature and some emotional states are becoming mega-amplified.  This is leading to major clearing of old guilt and shame patterns, and causing general heart conditions and symptoms. Some folks swear they’re having mini-strokes when their heart and pulse begins to race or vibrate in strange ways.  All of these ‘symptoms’ are essentially harmless, except to your old pictures of reality and belief structures.  These thoughtforms will become increasingly difficult to maintain as this year progresses, and into 2014-2015 hanging on to them may become hazardous to your health and well-being.

I borrowed the term ‘quantum flux’ from a very funny movie called ‘Galaxy Quest’ (see image above), but it does illustrate the energy that has actually been building since the December 21st, 2012 activation point.  The Mayan elder Hunbatz Men also described the kick-off of this post 2012 party in a transmission published in early February of this year. Entitled “The Energy of 2013.”  This article is the first of a series that addresses the various activations and influences throughout this year, especially in the form of cometary bodies that will be passing through our Solar System.  One of the most interesting events of the past few weeks was the resignation of Pope Benedict from his post as the Vicar of Christ in the Catholic Church.  Signs and portents are everywhere evident, evidence of quantum change and flux that has been ushered in on the threshold of this new cycle.

The esoteric science of astrology is changing as well, must change in fact, if it is to reflect our new understanding of ourselves as the Universe.  The old ways and old traditions will no longer suffice to explain the predicament of our sequential lifetimes of learning and suffering, or the blind acceptance of the wheel of birth, death and karma. The Moon is an interloper, and recent scientific inquiry suspects that more than our own Moon may be of artificial origins in our Solar System.  One of Mars’ moons, Phobos, is currently under scrutiny, and one of Saturn’s moons bears many similarities to the anomalies of Earth’s sole satellite.  The Earth’s orbit and it’s polar tilt may also be the result of interplanetary interference and catastrophes.  Human consciousness is addicted to tradition, and it is a barrier to evolution and the ability to access truth.  Never has there been a more important time than now to ask the question “…is that true?” about everything.  Developing discernment via the Heart, without losing partnership with critical thought, will be like holding a lantern up in the darkness.

If all that sounds radical to you, or in some way dismissive of our humanity, I can assure you it is not.  The new understanding will view that the restoration of the human design to its original Divine Blueprint allows for us to access any Universal perspective within time/space through the human body and the Earth Herself. The full meaning of ‘Second Coming’ is the ‘Second Resurrection’…the full reclamation and resurrection of the original human design, the revealing of a transcendent Gaia and the restoration of the original harmony with our Solar System and Galaxy.

We are simultaneously the activators, witnesses, and we directly experience this Quantum Ascension. Prime Source initiates it through the starseeds and renegade agents of Light that have embedded themselves in the current dysfunctional survivalist-based paradigm, and acts upon the collective field like a singular virus of Infinite Love to dissolve the veil, expose the manipulations and those who are the manipulators, and activate the codes with the human Soul Matrix to awaken from the imposed hypnotic state that has held this planet in thrall for eons.  In addition to Earth, Source Consciousness’ effects can be witnessed within all the planets of our local system.  I’ve provided an excellent compendium of recently recorded data about what is transpiring in the heavens. (Download the “Universe is Evolving” article here.)

Although many are deeply involved in the daily struggle of living in this world, it is essential to begin to live who you are in the most authentic manner possible.  The promise of really seeing real change in this world rests on how you view yourself, and how to look at the world as it is, while remaining open to the potential world that lies just beyond our perception.  How you reveal who you are directly impacts the consciousness of many.  It will become ever more important to demonstrate the new human, ‘homo divinitus’ in an active and committed way.  Being spiritually active may manifest for some as some sort of social action. For example, here in Ireland, one young lady took up the cause of ridding the water supply of state-mandated pollution via fluoride.  It has grown exponentially from the one to many, and it is by agitating for change outside the normal and acceptable routes of political action that will be the most effective way.  Or, many may feel drawn to doing volunteer work in a hospice or local organic food cooperative.

If you are having difficulty with finding your right livelihood, I do not recommend trying to find it from a mode of survival consciousness. That is the very paradigm you are designed to dissolve. Consciousness is dissolving the foundations of the old order, and nothing that is not in resonance with the new Earth will survive.  Instead, I recommend that you ask to know what you Soul’s design and desire is, then follow that.  It will require merging your identity-based will with your Spirit. This is the essence of trust. Source Consciousness becomes the determinant of what appears to be a career or calling, not something that you must struggle to invent or mimic from another in order to feel comfortable and secure.  We are being asked to literally embody these words: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes?” –Jesus the Christ.

Coming into mastery is not a glamorous path strewn with accolades and applause.  Mastery is one part surrender (trust)  and one part courage (Will), and both come from your potent choice or intention.  The world at large may not like what you have to say, or how you do something.  Your associates and friends may become distressed about your views and pronouncements, and your family may reject you. If everyone approves of you or agrees with you, chances are you are not being very authentic or true to your Spirit. If the world approves of you, what then will be the quality of your truth? The salt will have lost its savour, and not season anything worthwhile.

On the other hand, those who are disenfranchised and disillusioned with the worldview that they have been sold may also seek your counsel and comfort.  Who you find walking alongside of you on your path may be either your truest friends, or the most determined adversary who is trying to distract or destabilize you.  Your enemy will be the test you have assigned to yourself.  The friends are there for you to lean on when you feel yourself faltering.

You, as a multi-dimensional master, are already in possession of all that you need. There is no other greater resource than that which is own Consciousness.  Too often the distractions crowd out the awareness of a greater Presence, but it is there…waiting for you to reclaim your Self in each moment.  Your choice to become the Source of your own illumination is always within your own heart.

Over the past half century, many teachers and paths for approaching the spiritual side of things have appeared.  Many of the teachings have stood the test of time, and offered real choices for those who are tired of the status quo, the ‘life is a struggle’ belief system.  There have also been many blind alleys, dead ends, and in some cases severe disillusionment when a revered guru or ‘master’ is revealed to be very human indeed!  These experiences have a silver lining, for they continually emphasize that the time of external authorities of all kinds, whether secular or religious, is at an end.

As it was written about Christ’s works;  “Then if any one says to you, ‘Lo, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There he is,’ do not believe it. For false Christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.  Lo, I have told you beforehand.   So, if they say to you,’Lo, he is in the wilderness,’ do not go out; if they say, ‘Lo, he is in the inner rooms,’ do not believe it.  For as the lightning comes from the east and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of man.”

I feel that this passage in the Gospel of Matthew in the Bible, when treated symbolically, is actually referring to the lightning as a rising of kundalini…the quality of spiritual awakening that is occurring inside many souls who are already here. This is a global awakening, and it does require a great deal of discernment, personal stability and a sense of humor to navigate as gracefully as possible. Glamour is not enlightenment, and pedestals are unstable.  [Note: not sure how to interpret ‘elect’, but rather than viewing it as a sign of specialness, I recommend that it refers to anyone who hears the call of Source in their own hearts.]

2013 may indeed be a more pivotal year than 2012, or any year leading up to it. Can you read the signs of the times?  Can you dance in the quantum flux?  It is time to reveal ourselves fully, and claim our original design as innocent masters of Infinite Light and Eternal Love. We are the Light of the World, and that Light can no longer be refused, nor hidden.  Be prepared for the illumination to reveal the corruptions of the matrix, so that it can be healed and dissolved in the fires of transmutation.  Remember that none of us are completely alone in our journeys and tasks.  Being alone is part of being all one…it is part of the walk of sovereignty.  However, we are always surrounded and supported by Love that is expressed through many forms, both visible and invisible. We are companions on the way Home.

And, in the words of Captain Peter Quincy Taggert of the NSEA Protector, “Never give up, never surrender.”  The term ‘surrender’ is used here in the context of indomitable Divine Will and Love.

Of course, in order to experience that power, we must first surrender our personal agenda to the Will of Source.  Trust is a journey, not a destination.

Blessings be on your journey,


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