“Slow World”

Emotional Piano3-Being Newman

View of Atlantic over Dzogchen Beara Retreat

August 7, 2011

Dzogchen Beara
West Cork, Ireland

I was sinking, drowning in the everyday
I was thinking, forgetting how to play
Always shoulding, coulding, woulding
Where am I? Where is this place where I roam?

The desert of existence and pre-existing
I’ve been offered a glimpse, a respite from the electronic din
A place to fall together in

Who are the angels of Dzogchen Beara?
These sentinels of peace are everywhere in evidence
Each blade of grass, the flowers, the whispering pines
And beyond the sea that seems to solid and infinite
Reassures me, sings like a silent lullabye.                                  

The slow world has embraced me
As it drives me into myself
More of a fall than a push
So easy to surrender, once you’ve made the jump
Womblike and wondrous, no time, no space
Sky and water merge at the line of the earth
Extending into the Void beyond

Slow world so alive and yet so still
The rains glisten
The light changing, always shifting
I shed my skins, I shed my tears
What now fear?
Your power is frail and distant in this realm
This closer to the real
The other is the dream
I am rocked awake by my truth

Home is here

~Isaac George


2 thoughts on ““Slow World”

  1. What a beautiful poem Isaac… i can really feel the emptying that happened to you there. Making space for Spirit to come in and receiving the Grace of wisdom that comes with that… (as articulated in your next post). Blessings,LynnX

  2. Issac,
    Your writing is truly beautiful and inspiring. I am truly blessed by your sharing.
    Your spirit sister, Cynthia

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