“Radical Faith”

Teachings from the Christ Awareness
through Isaac George

Jul 30 2011 (New Moon)

“Today is a new beginning, a fresh start. Let go of yesterday, and let go of tomorrow. Although there are many challenges in your life, many demands upon you and your time, come and sit here quietly with Me in the solitude for a little while. Lay down your burdens, surrender your cares, if only for a short space of time. For I Am not here to push you, criticize you, or correct you. I am here as your Friend, a Companion for your Soul. My best advice to you is to draw a deep breath now, and to release the tensions in you, and in your body. Take that breath, followed by another, and still another if you feel you need to. Just focus on that feeling for a moment, the feeling of Life tingling in you and in every cell of your Being. Delicious, isn’t it? Calmness and serenity cannot be experienced when you are half out of your body. Only when you are fully present can you actually realize that you are more than the body. This is one of the greater mysteries of Consciousness and existence.

The physical/material realm and the senses have been a way through which you and many of your brothers and sisters fell asleep and forgot that they were sons and daughters of Mother-Father God. Now, the senses are the medium through which you can access that which may not be touched by hands – the inexpressible and inexhaustible essence of Love and Consciousness that flows forth as you in this world. When you are in touch with your aspect of Presence within you, the sense vibrate with awareness, pleasure and sensitivity, attuned to the Presence in all that appears solid and substantial, while at the same time offering you the gateway into your Soul and beyond. It is also through the senses that pain is experienced, yet I tell you that even pain is an awakener, a way to access the Love within. Once one surrenders to the pain, the gift comes forward, the awareness to heal the cause of the pain presents itself, and then the pain changes. Sometimes it turns into pleasure and bliss, but most of the time it lapses into complete stillness and emptiness.

Grief and horror at the unfolding of recent events are the natural reaction to violent tragedy. It is well to release all that blocks the flow of your consciousness. However, these emotions are unhealthy if they obscure your understanding of what lies behind the events themselves, what the root causes are. The pain and suffering can awaken, or it may sometimes cause souls to shut down, to cease being responsive and caring. If there is any manipulation behind the actions intended to harm others, if there are agendas, then the results leave psychic scarring on many more than have been directly affected. Then it becomes more difficult to avoid judgment of the circumstances and the souls involved, and to paint others as guilty. This will boomerang on you, if you are not compassionate with the situation. Now, please breathe again, and let go deeply.

There’s a lot of ‘what if’s…’ flying around too. The power of ‘what if’ is not true power, but a projection of fear, an anticipation of future pain and suffering. It is everywhere in the collective at this moment. The bill has come due on the future that was promised you by the politicians and pundits, a future based solely on materialism and social engineering. It is an utter failure, and still no one wants to look at the elephant in the room, or offer an alternative vision. Do not wait for them to tell you what your dream should be, or threaten you with the ‘what if’ of what may occur if you don’t keep the present system of consensus reality limping along. You may be wondering how it will all turn out. I spoke to this when I walked upon the Earth two millennia ago. I described all the upheavals and discord you are now in the midst of, because Spirit’s vision through me saw the eventual consequences and outcomes of the Luciferian mind-set that was in place at the time.

My mission was to teach of the love of the Mother-Father, and to awaken as many as would hear my Voice that they were equal Sons and Daughters who had a right to inherit the Kingdom. This Kingdom is your true state of Consciousness, a place that is absent of fear or suffering. You cannot create Heaven on Earth, because the only place you can know it is within you. My mission was to also implant the seed of Infinite Love into the planetary sphere, so that it would clear and balance what had gone before. It was to defeat Death, and it will eventually dissolve what you term time and limitation. This was what I meant by my ‘church’ and that the Gates of Hell could not prevail against it. The church is the awareness of Love, realized through Faith, and lived as Truth. Faith is the lynchpin, the cornerstone, as I will explain next.

Now ‘faith’ is like belief, and unlike it. The faith I speak of is not a blind faith, a faith not founded upon a rock-solid foundation. Faith is the foundation, is the Rock. Faith is Knowing, or Wisdom that only comes with a maturity of Soul. Belief has two functions: belief can be used to experiment and grow through experiences in physicality. In one experience you believe a certain thing, until experiences or circumstances conspire to show you that your belief is unworkable or unsustainable. Sometime facts dissolve beliefs!

The other kind of belief is a desire that is given a significant amount of Life Force energy, or Consciousness, in order to achieve a particular goal or result. This is the foundation for much of the philosophy of the ‘abundance merchants’ that you are so familiar with. Another aspect of this would be an athlete who, through sheer self-belief and will-power, propels themselves into the Olympics and wins the gold medal in their chosen event. These processes are the stuff of magical thinking, not miracle awareness.

Now, neither path is wrong, but each of them comes with an in-built set of limitations and consequences. One of the most difficult consequences is when a soul believes very strongly, does all the rituals correctly, faces their fears, does their inner work, and still they reap disappointment. They then beat up on themselves for ‘not getting it right’, or not being good enough. This belief then delays them from the next step in awareness, the power of real Faith. Beating yourself up, or ranting against God will not solve the issues. In all circumstances, the Mother-Father patiently waits, and I gently knock on the door of your heart, until you come to the place where you are willing to admit that what you’re doing isn’t working. This is when you are on the threshold of Faith.

As things unravel in this world ever more quickly, I encourage you to explore the letting go, the surrendering to the Mother-Father within you. As I eventually had experienced upon the cross, you will discover your true nature and experience the power of real Faith inside of you. You will fear nothing; not illness, poverty or death. Nothing can touch the real you. The Real You does not worry about the future, or fret over the past. The Real You embraces the Present fully, even the pain that might be in it, because the I Am in you is without fear, and is nothing but Infinite Love, Infinite Acceptance.

What I am imparting to you is that there is no worldly teaching, no spiritual method or technique that has more real power and truth in it than your capacity to surrender yourself to that which is God Herself within. Then, all the missing pieces will fall into place, and you will know how to create, and more importantly, when and what to create. Your will is the Will of the Father. Your desires are Her desires. The way is open for miracles to occur. You need not be concerned by the what, when, why, where or how, because you just know to trust!

Now, this all comes with a caveat. The world will not approve of you, so don’t look for accolades. You won’t get rich from this, and you may not always be the picture of radiant health. Any soul that has chosen to lose their self-created identity or life, in order to allow their true nature as the Christ to shine through, won’t win any popularity contests. In fact, you might just make some folks downright uncomfortable when you’re around. Some may even attack you for what you say about what you perceive. Forgiveness must be plentiful if you are to walk in your real shoes. Your courage must be impeccable if you are not to allow your sovereignty to be infringed upon. The world still clings desperately to the beliefs of a Fallen Mind. That, my friends, is a subject for another time.

Even though there is chaos in the world, I counselled that the days ahead will have trouble enough of their own, without you adding to it. I recommend that you embrace each experience and situation with prayer, meditation, awareness, and most importantly, with breath. I encourage you to follow the dictates of your heart, and cultivate listening to the gentle Voice within that will guide you. I urge you to avoid the temptation of taking the easy road that promises false safety and security. When every soul is following their aspect of Spirit, then harmony will be present. And please, do not do this for Me; do it for your own Self, your own edification. Spirit does not coerce or require you to do anything. There is nothing you can do to hasten the establishment of peace except to discover and heal that which is not at peace within you. The rest is already being accomplished. What is it God cannot do?

There is a powerful movement of consciousness and awakening occurring on the planet at this time, and simultaneously there is every kind of evidence of the backlash against this awakening. There is darkness in the world, and there is Light. To call it all Light and goodness is a naiveté’. To call it all darkness is a serious mistake. Does evil exist in the world? Look at the headlines, watch the television…what would you say? What happens when someone cuts you off in traffic? Are your thoughts loving and without anger? When you choose to tune out and turn away from the injustices, violence and poverty that your brother or sister experience, is it because you don’t want to add to the negativity, or is it because you are lukewarm? Where do the thoughts and energy come from that can cause a single human being to murder innocent souls? Where do the thoughts and energy come from that does that same kind of murder via remote control using a robotic aircraft? It is the same thought, the same energy. It is only a matter of scale and application that is different.

In some spiritual perspectives the concept of non-duality is utilized as a process to relate to the polarity of Life from a position of non-attachment or judgment. While this confers a kind of peace for the adherent of this perspective, it is an insular process that removes the observer from the experience. This is an abstraction, and false peace. When this happens, when there is the deliberate removal of the ability to perceive evil and suffering, then a dissociative event has occurred, and that soul is just a bit more deadened to the plight of others. It is through a direct experience of your feelings and through the transformation of your heart that you discover radical faith.

Although I say to you that it is not yours to take on the suffering in the world, neither do I recommend that you insulate or rationalize your relationship to it. Without active compassion and radical faith, the examples of God’s messengers would not be self-evident. Souls such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Albert Schweitzer could not have given their gifts if they had been ‘non-dualists’. The only real non-dualism that is of the Holy Spirit; it is that all souls are innocent, all acts are forgivable, and that all are equally and uniquely endowed with a particular gift and purpose. You cannot know radical faith, and be impervious to what is unfolding in front of you on this planet at this time. I said ‘resist not evil’. I never ignored it, nor did I pretend it didn’t exist. If you ignore evil, or spiritualize or view it only in the abstract, you give it energy as well. Ignorance is not any protection against the rapacious hunger of it. I encourage you to be as gentle as doves, and as wise as serpents, for She has sent you out into the world as lambs amongst the wolves.

Now, breathe deeply again. Come back into your heart, into your centre. Be not troubled by the things of the world. Be joyful, for I have overcome the world. What does this mean? It means I Am always in trust of Spirit. To overcome the world is to no longer look for yourself in it, or be intimidated by it. Relax, you don’t have to die and rise again to do this, except metaphorically. Letting go of control and thinking that you have to do it all on your own, will be the first step towards this most precious of pearls. You must be responsible for what is yours…your dreams, taking care of yourself and the body, acting with integrity in your Life…these are yours. All of the rest, rests in larger Hands…if you will make room for it in your Life.

Do not look only upon this world as being a place of woe and ‘problems’, for that way leads to despair. All things here and in the Kingdom are already yours, without a doubt! The parable of the Prodigal Son and Daughter is everyone’s story, everyone’s experience. The Father-Mother has made no rules, offered no burden for you to carry…you don’t have to measure up to some imagined standard in order to receive the beauty in this world or others. I said, ‘be ye perfect’, which was to remind you of your perfection, your innocence. I might have said ‘be ye unbroken and self-punishing’ and it would have meant the same thing. So, receive the good as it is in the world, and leave the rest.

You might ask Me, ‘what yet must I do in order to know this radical faith, and the peace that comes with it?’ I tell you that you need to be aware of your reluctance to receive, your inability to open to your good. Ask yourself if you are holding onto anger – against another, against yourself, or against Goddess. Examine if you are still desirous of looking to please others and seek the approval from outside of yourself. Does vanity come into the picture? What about pride? Who is running the show in your head? When you embark upon the path of radical faith, you will be tempted. The temptation will be to cut a deal, to ask Spirit to do this and that for you, while you go about doing what you’ve always done. You might even take the credit for ‘what you did’ or ‘what you accomplished’ and forget to acknowledge that it is the Creator within you that doeth the works. All that is necessary to alter this circumstance is your determination to remember your Source, and your Real Self. After all, aren’t these two things one and the same? If you are interested in wholeness, then there is no house divided in you, and you travel in peace and serenity, full of trust in the moment.

Breathe in God, breathe out Goddess. This is the dance of creation, and it never stops, never tires, and is always dancing. In fact, when you worry too much, then it is time to dance. Even if you have two left feet, dance anyway.

Remember, you never walk alone. I Am always with you, unto the end. This is the end of all things, as you have known it, and the beginning of all things, as you have dreamed it. Your Kingdom is not of this world, yet you are in the world. Be then the Light of the world, for that is your role, your soul’s true purpose. Spirit calls to Its own, and Its own hear the call and respond. Listen in the stillness. You will know what it is that you are to be, and do.

Peace be with you.”

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© Copyright Isaac George & Pure Divine Love 1999-2011. All Rights Reserved. Interested parties may freely distribute via the Internet for private use only. Permission for any other use (reprints and publications) is henceforth automatically granted, provided all appropriate credits with contact information are provided. Thank you for your consideration. info@puredivinelove.com


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